Hmmsim Metro – Ultimate ADS Guide (Dead Section)

This guide accounts for ADS (Dead section) more details.

Guide to Dead Section

ADS (Dead Section)

This is a video that accounts for how to pass the dead section.

That orange-colored sign means “There will be going to be a dead section.”.

Set your master controller “중립” and reverser “Neutral”.

This sign means “The dead section starts.”.

If you pass this sign, Press “Insert” and “Home”.

Also, you must not control your master controller.

If you do that, your train will be broken!

Doing nothing, Just pass the dead section.

This sign means “The dead section is end”.

If your train passes this sign, press “Home” and drive as a normal.

Remember, It is not when you see this sign, It is when your train passes this sign.

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