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Muck - Seeds List (Update 3)

Written by Mummuline   /   Updated: June 28, 2021    

List of Seeds


It's not the best seeds but still good seeds.

The Seeds

  • 270721828 - Big Chunk summon at spawn, Get pickaxe and get free chunkium.

This seed is my favorite. There are a lot of Big Chunk summons, and i managed to get chunkium armor and chunkium hammer on the second day(Defeated a total of 5 chunks to get).

If you get to know this seed then you can also get golden pickaxe from a nest.

  • 1466020235 - Iron pickaxe, furnace.
  • 109412323 - Lot of healing nearby, Guardian summon.
  • 129137429 - nearby blade(in nest), Gronk summon nearby. Sword time?
  • 2111731397 - Big Chunk summon at spawn, Gronk summon.

Written by Mummuline.

Game:   Muck