Duck Season – 100% Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to TropicMule7!

Warning! This guide contains spoilers for the game Duck Season.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Misc Achievements

I’m Not Laughing

  • Shoot the dog more than once in a play through.

Duck Champion

  • Kill 100 Ducks.

Two Ducks One Shot

  • Kill two ducks with one shot.

Cold Blooded

  • Shoot the sitting duck in the duck world look to your right and look on the ground there is a sitting duck.

Scat Cat

  • Throw something out the window.

Let’s Be Friends

  • Don’t shoot the dog in any play through.

Rabbit Season!

  • Flip the duck season sign in the game world to rabbit season.

Cat Tails

  • Shoot all the cattails in the game world.

Home Run

  • Hit the baseball with the bat into the kitchen *takes practice*.


  • Watch all the VHS tapes.

Pro Gamer

  • Beat All Cartridge Games.

The Seven Endings


  • Shoot the dog multiple times don’t interact with the phone lose the boss fight in duck world.

Backpack *Cannon Ending*

  • Shoot the dog multiple times don’t interact with the phone win the boss fight in the game.

Win the fight outside the TV.

Broken Cartridge

  • Shoot the dog multiple times don’t interact with the phone win the boss fight in the game.

Lose the fight outside the TV.

Final Fiesta II

  • Beat the game do not shoot the dog go to bed at 8 and sneak into the living room for your surprise.

911 Emergency

  • Shoot the dog multiple times call the police with the phone once when there is a news broadcast about missing family’s there is a phone to your right and again when the dog is outside your sliding glass door with the phone on your left.

Nuke the game

  • Shot the sun with the golden shell look for a golden shotgun shell use it and your shotgun will become golden then shoot the sun with the golden shell and be amazed.


  • After you have got 6/7 endings play through it again get the Final Fiesta II ending but this time there will be a dog bed with a tape labeled it’s me in it put the tape into the VHS player and see the secret ending.

Hidden Achievements

What time is it?

  • Looking at the cat clock in the living room at midnight By midnight I mean after you’ve fought and won against the giant laser beam eyed dog and come back to the living room.


  • Tried to get Mom’s attention throw an item at mom try to hit her in the head.

You’re A Wizard

  • Use the kid wizard book on anything *would recommend the lone wolf toy.

Dinner Time

  • At 5 there will be silverware on the table to you’re right take two of each *plates forks spoons knifes* thing and put it on the table.
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