Armello – Companions & Treasures Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Pandafunkey809!

Here is a complete collection of followers, treasures, items, spells, trickery cards, palace perils, and king cards. This will inform you of what they do and a few useful things to know about some of them as well.

Guide to Companions and Treasures


The following can only be gotten by stealing cards from other players’ hands, the item deck, or follower quest alternatives (it’s when your follower gives you a third option for completing your quest that, while not giving you a the quest’s objective item, gives you an item or spell or trickery card and no risk of failing your quest).

  • Shining Steel Sword: In battle, +1 sword.
  • Trusty Shield: In Battle, +1 shield.
  • Adventurer’s kit: In Perils, +1 dice.
  • War Hammer: In battle, -1 dice and +2 swords.
  • Battle Axe: In battles, +1 dice.
  • Ranger’s Cloak: Grants Evade and Stealth in Forests Day and Night (helpful for Ghor to have because it counters his no stealth at night due to being a tree but all around pretty good for anyone if you’re usually getting attacked in the woods).
  • War Horn: In Battle, +1 die per recruited follower.
  • Lord’s Scepter: +1 prestige per claimed settlement.
  • Heavy Flail: In Battle, when Attacking, +2 swords.
  • Hare’s Halberd: In Battle, +1 dice and opponents suffer -1 dice.
  • Sailor’s Lantern: Grants Scout (this is excellent to have because you will see what you need to beat a peril before you’re trying to beat it, nobody can ambush you or hide from your vision if they’re on a tile adjacent to you, and it only costs 1 gold so even the poorest player can afford it!
  • Oak Spear: In Battle, +1 Sword. When Defending, gain an additional +1 Sword.
  • Longbow: In Battle, the first burned Moon gains Pierce.
  • Spy Glass: Gain Scout on all your Perils (not as useful as the lantern per say, but it can be a little useful. Besides, you need to have this and the sailor’s lantern equipped to get the all-seeing eye achievement.).
  • Battle Armour (yes! they spell armour the British way!): In Battle, -1 dice and +2 shields.
  • Heavy Plate Armour: -1 Action Point. In Battle, gain +3 Shields (Personally, I never use this one but it can be useful if you’re going up against the king).
  • Marauder Gauntlets: In battle, +1 sword and +1 shield.
  • Bastard Sword: In battle, +1 sword and +1 dice.
  • Torch: +1 gold after every dungeon explore.
  • Leather Armour: In battle and perils, +1 shield.
  • Chainmail Shirt: In Battle, +1 shield, and the first rolled miss instead reflects (very nice if you’re going for a rot victory, have more rot than the king, and a royal shield as that will help to prevent you giving him any free dice and will not give him any if your rolls are lucky).
  • Feathered Helm: +1 Prestige. In Battle, +1 shield.
  • Tower Shield: In battle, +1 Shield. When Defending, gain an additional +1 shield.
  • Poisoned Dagger: In battle, burn a rot (card with a rot symbol in the upper right corner of the card) to make all rolled swords gain poison
  • Iron Pike: In Battle, when attacking, first rolled sword gains pierce. When Defending, first rolled sword gains reflect.
  • Kings Guard Armour: In battle, first two rolled Suns or Moons that miss count as defences (basically a very discount Royal Shield, it isn’t bad but you need to get those two missed suns and moons).
  • Cub’s Blood: Teleport nearest Bane to tile. (good if you need more rot).
  • Poisoned Gift: Poisoned, until end of next turn.
  • Hot Rot Wine: +1 action point and -1 health (yes, this can kill people. need to test if they do get the extra action point on their next turn though).
  • Mountain Moss: -2 rot, until end of next turn.
  • Wyldsap: +4 health (it is best to save this until you can use it fully unless you’re a lower health character without more than 4 health. Don’t just use it because you’re missing 1 hp when you have a wyld weed in your hand).
  • Moon Juice: +2 Magic.
  • Brazenberry Ale: +1 Fight and -1 Wits, until end of next turn.
  • Throwing Axe: -2 health (good for claiming bounties on enemies at low health with no risk to yourself).
  • Wyld Weed: +2 health (good all around, especially for lower health characters).
  • Bubble Tea: +1 prestige, until end of next turn (I find this completely useless unless someone else is the prestige leader and you just need one more to win when the king dies at dawn but I have never seen such a plan work when I attempt it, and never see it used in multiplay. basically just worthless aside from the art and it being a burnable Wyld in combat.
  • Snake Venom: In Battle, until end of next turn, Burn a rot to make all rolled swords gain poison.
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