Project Winter – Hidden Achievements Guide (Community Service Update)

This guide will help you to unlock the new hidden achievements that been added to the game after Community Service Update.

How to Obtain New Hidden Achievements


A simple guide to unlock the new achievements for Project Winter.

Practice Makes perfect

You have to complete both objectives and escape like the normal mode.

Breaking New Ground

As a traitor you have to sabotage the first and the second objectives in Practice mode.

Unlock and Load

Here you have to open the Armory and the Truth Serum Lab in Practice mode in one game.


  • it’s more easy to do this challenge as a traitor.
  • You have to complete the first objective to open The Truth Serum Lab.
  • Open as many Traitors crates as you can.

Take a hike

Complete the Practice Mode without doing any of the objectives for 30 mins.

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