Scarlet Nexus – 100% Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

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First things first, getting all of the achievements will require two playthroughs as some of them are reliant on playing as both characters on the same save file. While there are different difficulty options from easy to hard, none of the achievements are gated off or are reliant on a certain difficulty being selected so you can play at your own preference.

“Story Related – Playthrough 1” has an achievement that contains a minor spoiler, but these are unmissable so ignore if necessary.

Story Related – Playthrough 1

When starting a new game you will have the choice of playing as Kasane or Yuito. Kasane has faster but slightly weaker attacks while Yuito hits harder but is marginally slower. No character is particularly better than the other. Regardless of who you pick, simply playing through either characters story will unlock the following achievements:

Scarlet Guardian

  • Completed Phase 0.

Unlocked near the beginning of the game.

Suoh Incident

  • The Suoh Incident occurred.

Unlocked in Yuito’s story at Standby Phase 4 and Kasane’s at Standby Phase 5.

One Will

  • Gathered all party members.

Unlocked at Phase 9.

Conclusion of Millennia

  • Finished the last battle against Karen.

Defeat the boss at the end of Phase 12.

To the Unknown Future

  • Reached the 1st playthrough ending.

Complete either Kasane or Yuito’s story.

Story Related – Playthrough 2

After defeating the final boss and completing a story line, you’ll have a “EX New Game” option in the main menu. Selecting this will prompt you to upload your cleared game data which retains all your levels, items etc from your previous playthrough. When doing so select the other playable character and complete their story. Doing so will get you the following:

Collecting Fragments of History

  • Started a new game with a different main character after beating the game.

As mentioned above, use the EX New Game option to upload your save and play as the other protagonist.

Red Strings for Two

  • Reached the ending of both Yuito’s and Kasane’s story.

Unlocked upon completing the game a second time using both characters.

Bonds, Presents and a Lot of Cluttered Desks

Playing through the game you’ll have the opportunity to talk to your teammates and increase your Bond Level with them. Higher Bond Levels increase the effects of what their abilities can do and will give you access to Combo and Guardian Visions etc. Bond Levels can be increased by buying your squad presents from the vendor (same guy you save your game at). Note that only certain people accept certain presents, which can be seen when looking at the present you want to buy:

  • Blank portrait = Wont accept present.
  • Coloured portrait = Will accept present.
  • Yellow heart = Likes present.
  • Red heart = Loves present.

In Phase 9 you’ll gain access to every character as a teammate regardless of who you’re playing as. The following achievements will be unlocked over both your previous playthroughs as they require a certain Bond Level in each characters story. If you’ve missed a required Bond Level in your first playthrough don’t worry, after finishing the game with both characters you can freely switch between Kasane and Yuito so you can raise all teammates to max Bond Level no problem.

The following can be unlocked via increasing your team’s Bond Levels and viewing their bond episode:

Being Wasteful Ain’t Bad

  • Viewed ‘Arashi Bond Episode 4’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Arashi Bond Episode 5’ In Kasane’s story.

My Past is Me, My Angst is Me

  • Viewed ‘Kyoka Bond Episode 4’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Kyoka Bond Episode 5’ In Kasane’s story.

The Strength to Simply Exist

  • Viewed ‘Shiden Bond Episode 4’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Shiden Bond Episode 5’ In Kasane’s story.

Ghost Who Chose to Live

  • Viewed ‘Kagero Bond Episode 4’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Kagero Bond Episode 5’ In Kasane’s story.

No Need to Go it Alone

  • Viewed ‘Luka Bond Episode 5’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Luka Bond Episode 4’ In Kasane’s story.

Remaining Pure

  • Viewed ‘Tsugumi Bond Episode 5’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Tsugumi Bond Episode 4’ In Kasane’s story.

Life Goes On

  • Viewed ‘Gemma Bond Episode 5’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Gemma Bond Episode 4’ In Kasane’s story.

To Run Together

  • Viewed ‘Hanabi Bond Episode 5’ in Yuito’s story and ‘Hanabi Bond Episode 4’ In Kasane’s story.

Shared Feelings

  • Saw Yuito Bond Episode 5.

A Line Beyond Time

  • Saw Kasane Bond Episode 5.

Bond Level 6

Below are the achievements for getting your team to Bond Level 6. Essentially just keep giving them stuff they like/love until their bond raises.


  • Reached Bond Level 6 with an ally.

Tightly Wound Bond

  • Reached Bond Level 6 with all allies.


  • These are unlocked by giving presents to your team.


  • Gave a gift to an ally for the first time. *Does not include add-ons.

Gift Giving Freak

  • Gave all gifts to all allies. *Does not include add-ons.


All of the below can be earned relatively easily from combat encounters. Some may require the difficulty to be changed for the quickest results.

Fierce Psychokinesis User

  • Threw 100 objects with psychokinesis.

You’ll earn this achievement very quickly, the real challenge would be to not get it.

Seasoned Psychokinesis User

  • Performed 50 successful Special Object Follow-Up Attacks.

Some objects used with your Psychokinesis have special prompts when used, usually something like pressing a button. Use 50 of these to unlock the achievement. Note however the prompt must be successful for it to count.

The Place Beyond the Pain

  • Used the SAS over 100 times.

Another achievement that should be gotten fairly quickly, just use your team abilities.

Power of Observation

  • Successfully performed 20 perfect dodges.

Perform a dodge just before an enemy attack hits you. You’ll know if its triggered as time will slow down for a moment. Perform 20 of these to get the achievement. Note that Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance increases the time frame for a perfect dodge to be triggered.

Other Nemesis

  • Used the Brain Crush on Others 20 times.

Earned by depleting the Brain Crush bar (yellow bar) on enemies.

Cunning Brain Smash

  • Defeated 3 enemies at the same time with Brain Crush.

Deplete the Crush Gauge of three enemies and then Brain Crush one (it should kill all enemies who are able to be Brain Crushed). Hanabi’s Pyrokinesis and heavy attacks with Kagero’s Invisibility were what I found to be the quickest way to deplete the bars but use whatever works for you.

Trusted Ally

  • Initiated a guardian vision for the first time.

Once you reach Bond Level 2 with an ally, they have a chance to block an incoming attack for you. This is random so it may take some time, for the best results have someone in your squad who’s at Bond Level 2.

Helping Hand

  • Revived by an ally for the first time.

Relatively random achievement, when you die theres a chance a squad member will revive you. It seems the likelihood of this happening is related to Bond Level so its probably better to try this later in the game. Just set the difficulty to Hard and let yourself get killed a few times.


  • Revived allies 5 times.

Set the difficulty to Hard and survive while your allies are killed, use Kagero’s Invisibility to stealth revive your squad.

You Are Not Alone

  • Saved inside the brain field for the first time.

In Phase 4 you unlock the Brain Field ability, if this is used for too long it can instantly kill you. Your allies are able to “save” you by increasing the timer before you die. This likelihood goes up with Bond Level but it seems to happen relatively reliably anyway.

Master of the Psionic Space

  • Finished off 50 enemies with the Brain Field.

Simply kill 50 enemies while your Brain Field is active.

One Lost in Madness

  • Ran out of time inside the brain field.

Activate your Brain Field and wait until the timer expires, causing you to die (This cant be done when you first get it in Phase 4).

Brain Field Expert

  • Raised the EXP bonus to the maximum.

The max EXP bonus you can get is 1.80 but this can only be achieved while using Brain Drive. For the most efficient results try to find a large cluster of enemies and use Brain Drive to kill them as quick as possible. If 1.80 isn’t reached, run around the area in search of more enemies to kill. Its relatively easy and should only take a couple of tries.

Receiver of Protection

  • Initiated Assault Visions 20 times.

Once you reach Bond Level 4 with an ally, they can use “Assault Vision” at random to prompt an option for them to attack. This should unlock on the 20th use.

Power of Nexus

  • Activated 4 different Combo Visions in 1 combo.

Once you reach Bond Level 3 with a teammate, you can trigger a Combo Vision for them to attack on your command. To unlock the achievement, trigger this with 4 of your allies back to back.

Link Expert

  • Activated all Combo Visions.

Use every persons Combo Vision at least once. You’ll need to play Kasane to use Yuito’s and vice versa. Here is a full character list:

  • Yuito
  • Gemma
  • Luka
  • Hanabi
  • Tsugumi
  • Kasane
  • Arashi
  • Kagero
  • Kyoka
  • Shiden

Wheels Gone Wild

  • Defeated 5 enemies with 1 bus.

After unlocking the area Kunad Highway, proceed to the Junction (second area). At the actual junction on the map there will be a bus you can ride for a short time. There are 5 enemies in front of the bus but they can be a little hard to hit. If you miss any, U-turn around and proceed down the road where an additional 5-6 enemies will be, there is little room for them to dodge so it shouldn’t be too hard. If you mess up just reload the area and the bus will respawn.

Mighty Soldier

  • Defeated 1,000 enemies.

Exactly what it says on the tin, just kill every enemy you see and it should drop near the end of the playthrough.


Finally we have the achievements that don’t really fit anywhere else in this guide so I’ll place them here.

Everyone’s Ally

  • Completed a quest for the first time.

Around the games hub areas, such as outside the OSF building and the streets nearby, you will occasionally come across NPCs that have a white diamond above their head when approached. These NPCs will give you a side quest for you to complete when spoken too. To actually complete a side quest once the requirements have been met, go to the pause menu under Story -> Quests and select report completion.

Heroic OSF

  • Completed 30 quests.

This will unlock upon reporting completion of the 30th quest you’ve completed.


  • Used Item Exchange for the first time. *Does not include add-ons.

When using the shop near Satori, the Archivist (the character you save at), go to the Exchange option and buy something from it.

Collection Freak

  • Exchanged 100 types of items at shops. *Does not include add-ons.

Use the Exchange tab in the shop 100 items.

Fashion Debut

  • First time you changed your Visual Equipment. *Does not include add-ons.

After buying or Exchanging a Visual item from the shop, simply equip the item to any character.


  • Collected 100 attachments. *Does not include add-ons.

Buy/Exchange 100 Visual items from the shop.


Wore all Baki heads.

Slightly misleading description. Get the Baki Head Visual item from the shop and equip it to every teammate once you have them all in Phase 9.

Expanded Brain Functionality

  • Learned all the skills in one of the Brain Map categories.

In your Brain Map each branch is labelled as a category, Support or Brain Drive etc. All you need to do for this is acquire all skills from one branch.

Owner of an Excellent Brain

  • Learned all the skills on the Brain Map.

Learn every skill on the Brain Map, this will take a while depending on how many side missions you do.

Kins Millionaire

  • Collected over 200 thousand kins.

Despite not actually requiring a million, just collect 200 thousand kins over your whole playthrough. You don’t need to have the entire value at once so don’t worry about saving all 200 thousand.

Suppressor of All Enemies

  • Completed the Enemy Compendium. *Does not include add-ons.

Unlocked sometime into your second characters playthrough, it unlocks when you’ve unlocked all enemy entries in your compendium. There aren’t any “hidden” enemies that require you to look for them so as long as you kill most things you see you should be fine.


  • Stopped in front of the OSF poster in the hideout.

When Arashi joins your team, a poster of her will appear in the workout area of your hideout, position your character near the poster looking at it and keep them still for a few seconds. The positioning can be a little specific so try different distances from the poster until it unlocks.

Knowledge of the Past

  • Collected all Mysterious Text Data.

In Phase 9 of Yuito’s story you will visit the Old OSF Hospital. Scattered through the area are 10 Mysterious Text Data that appear on the map as items but visually are yellow cubes. Collect all 10 and the achievement will unlock.

Woven Red Threads

  • Unlocked all achievements.

Finally once all the above is done this should unlock.

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