Terraria – Eye Of Cthulhu Boss Guide

How to Beat Eye Of Cthulhu Boss

Note: This works on every mode (tested).


  1. Chop down some trees and craft wood platforms.
  2. Once you have about 1200, build in a straight line.
  3. Place campfires every so often.
  4. Find Hermes boots, this is easier depending on difficulty (Master mode is easiest).
  5. Summon the Eye Of CthulHu (craft with 6 lenses at an altar).
  6. Walk backwards, dont stop and keep shooting (i recommend minishark, if you’re new use sticky bombs from demolitionist).
  7. And Done!

Tip – to get rid of zombies, drop down on the platform and double jump up (if you have cloud in a bottle).

Items Required

  • Axe x1.
  • Wooden Platform x1200.
  • Campfire x48 (optional).
  • Minishark x1 / Sticky Grenade x300.
  • Hermes Boots x1.
  • Bullet x1500 (if you choose minishark).


  1. +rep beat eye of cthulu instantly, took me longer to get the wood than it did to defeat the boss. Also I was able to defeat every boss with this one strat so I instantly defeated moonlord basically.

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