Wobbly Life – How to Get the Limo (Limosuine Car)

The update is awesome with new secrets and new features. So i’m gonna show you guys how to get the Limo/Limosiune. 

Guide to Get the Limo


First of all the new Tv studio has a few great features. But thats the target your looking for.

  1. Enter the elavator to next floor then enter the next elavator to next floor until you reach the Wobbly Quiz floor.
  2. Enter the room on the left thats next to the double doors for the Wobbly quiz.
  3. Once you entered, pull out the Wobbly quiz poster and then a button will be behind it.
  4. Push that button and then the elavator button for 3rd or 4th floor of the studio will be activated enter elavator again and push up button for next floor and then you will see an office for the manager I think.
  5. Enter the room and get the present and then boom you have it.

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