Bard Harder! – 100% Achievements and Right Answers Guide

Guide to All Achievements and Right Answers (Walkthrough)

All credit goes to Shortcake111!

Possible Achievements

There are 5 different endings available:

Game over

  • This happens when the lovebar reaches 0 (There is no achievement for this).

A narrow escape

  • The lovebar ends up somewhere in the middle, but your song is not strong enough to seduce Valcuzar.

A little kissy

  • You have enough lovepoints to seduce Valcuzar and accept him.

The good guys

  • You have enough lovepoints to seduce Valcuzar, but reject him.

A new adventure

  • The lovebar is maxed out, you seduced Valcuzar, and now you also seduced your crush in the real world.


Answers with a ‘/’ don’t matter. I wrote the shortest option behind it.

Please refer to the “Seducing Answers” section to control the lovebar.

Start a new game:

  1. / (Psh, nah. I’m a tabletop expert)
  2. /
  3. /
  4. /
  5. /

I recommend saving after this. I’ll call this save #1.

A narrow escape

Just make sure you get some answers wrong, so you end up somewhere in the middle of the lovebar.

To give you an idea, this is still okay:

The good guys

Load save #1 or start a new game with an (almost) maxed lovebar.

Seduce Valcuzar (doesn’t matter if the loverbar is maxed out or not).

I recommend just maxing the lovebar out and creating save #2 after you’ve played the song.

Then reject Vulcuzar by choosing the following after the fight:


A little kissy

Load save #2 or start a new game with an (almost) maxed out lovebar.

Then choose:

  • Vulcuzar, I thought you’d never ask.

A new adventure

  • Progress from A little kissy, load save #2 or start a new game with a maxed out lovebar (Vulcuzar, I thought you’d never ask).
  • Thanks for running the game today.
  • Get seafood tomorrow.
  • See the Rothko exhibit at the Met?

Seducing Answers

Each correct answer should count as 1 point on the lovebar. Answers that aren’t included as a bullet point or are marked with a ‘/’ don’t matter.

  • Make an investigation check
  • Ooh, what a nice…staff you’ve got there
  • Read as much as you want, then ‘End the Spell and Exit the Library’
  • /
  • Liquid Funk Lightning
  • Are an animal lover
  • Ceravir
  • Spooky Spider!
  • /
  • Ask as much as you want, then ‘Nothing. Let’s get back to the game!’
  • Are loyal to your friends!
  • Nimiier
  • Turned to Stone
  • Depending on the character he turns into:

  • Dwarve: A bouquet of violets
  • Mage: Have a lovely nose
  • Cat: Wow, Sythis, you’re looking as stupid as always

  • Yellow crystal (Vulcuzar #3)
  • Have a favorite instrument!
  • *Flute!*
  • ‘The Red Rose of Spring’
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