Monster Hunter: World – How to Defeat Normal and Black Diablos

A guide how you beat the normal and black Diablos, because he is the most annoying monster in the whole game to play against, if you don’t know how to play against it.

Guide to Beat Diablos

Easy Diablos Beating Guide

The Diablos in MHW can be really annoying because of his one attack where he is digging into the ground and is jumping up on to you. One thing you should know is, that you shouldn’t place any traps if he’s digging into the ground because he’ll destroy those traps when he’s rushing outside the ground.

But the traps, flash pod’s and the ”Temporal Mantle” are any monster’s biggest fear!

The best moment to place traps is if he is doing his three whips with his horns in your direction.

If he does this attack, you should already start placing the trap so that he walks on to it.

The weapons to break his horns are: Hammer, Heavy Bowgun, Hunting Horn, Gunlance and Greatsword.

The weapons to cut his tail are:

  • Longsword
  • Sword & Shield
  • Greatsword
  • Dual Blades
  • Charge Blad
  • Switch Axe.

The flash pod’s can cancel every attack accept his digging. If you use it he HAS to look in the direction you shoot it or it won’t work, after he is flashed you get a free trap place or some free hits on his body.

The Temporal Mantle is really useful in most situations, it makes you automatically dodge any attack for three times. After that you have to wait for it to come up again.

You may now ask: ”how do I get the Tempral Mantle then?”

You get the Temporal Mantle by completing the lunastra questline, this includes several special assignments and a few optional quests. After that you should talk to a person with a yellow exclamation mark over his head and he should give you the Mantle.

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  1. you can also use screamer pods when it borrows underground to interrupet it ,gives you a nice opening. you can craft them from screamer sac dropped from Noios(the wilde windrakes in the wildspire waste map , above camp 15) you can also time hitting them with slinger if you are fighting near em…they make the same effect as the screamer pod and will make blos come out

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