Broken Armor – 50K Points Achievement Guide (with General Tips)

Please note: all credit goes to KumaXvevo!

A guide written to help you getting the “50K Points” achievement, as well as getting better at the game.

How to Obtain 50K Points Achievement


Actually this achievement is rather straight forward. You simply have to stay alive and keep beating each level until you get 50,000 points. If you have picked up most of the coins throughout the run, you should be able to completed this achievement before entering loop 3. Therefore, this guide could also be seen as a general handbook from my experience on how to get better at this game.

Character Selection

Unless you are trying to give yourself an extra challenge, I would definitely recommend the Mage over the Knight, as the Mage is more versatile in terms of his weapon set (fireball, healing, dagger and lightning), while the Knight’s only advantage (as far as I noticed) is just better health regen. from the heart item (50 instead of 25). Healing ability is exceptionally useful because it not only serves as a health point reserve, you could even regenerate your health infinitely in boss battle, which I will mention in next point.

Weapon Spawning

A particularly important mechanics in boss fight is that, in every few seconds, if any of your weapon categories is empty, the game will spawn one on the ground, and it will not give more until you pick it up.

For instance, if you have 4 fireball, 5 healing, 3 lightning but 0 dagger in your inventory, the game will still give you a dagger although you have several other means of assault. Similarly, if you run out of healing in a boss fight, you can keep waiting for healing drops to fully heal yourself. Yet, if you have at least one shot in all four categories, there will be no weapon spawning no matter how long you wait.

Without the help from this system, it is not feasible to beat any boss merely with the weapons you got from previous levels and shops. However, it doesn’t mean that you should exhaust your whole inventory and throw everything to the boss immediately, as you would probably have some hard time progressing with levels afterwards with empty hand.

Instead, try to reserve your weapons as many as possible. Personally I prefer saving fireball and lightning for progressing through the levels and exclusively use dagger against bosses. As mentioned in the previous example, which is also an ideal situation in a boss fight, you keep the other weapons untouched and beat the boss by throwing and picking up new dagger repeatedly. If you have not saved any fireball or lightning shot (usually the case at the start of the run), you could also use them as well, just make sure you are holding one shot before finishing the boss. It would take longer time than going all out at the boss, but it should still be more manageable than those unpredictable randomly generated levels.

While progressing through the levels, you could keep using dagger and other attacks moderately. As mentioned above, you are not supposed to buy weapons at the shop to fight the bosses coming next as it is just a waste of money. Instead you should be stocking up your inventory with like healing and fireball for the later stages until you arrive at the next shop. If you are picking dagger as your only boss-fight weapon, then don’t bother buying any dagger at the shop.

Other Tips & Tricks

One bronze coin is only worth 10 scores and 1 dollar, while silver coin is 5 times the value and gold coin is 10 times. So it is usually not worthy to risk your health, to waste time or any weapon just to grab a bronze coin. Only pick them up if there is no mobs around and you think it is completely safe to do so.

For the price tags at the shop, generally I consider anywhere below 70/ 80 a good deal, but it depends on your play style. If you don’t always throw weapons at the mobs, you could be more penny-pinching and buy stuff with an even lower price, vice versa.

You move faster in diagonal, abuse this to gain distance from enemies (especially useful for fighting the snake-like boss).

Some enemies could not walk on water (spiders, snakes and lizards), use it as your advantage.

Red bats sometimes appear to be chasing the player directly instead of moving in random, finish them immediately to play safe.

Always be cautious if you want to proceed further into the game, the game could be over by some innocent lizards trying to walk with you for a second. As most enemies move randomly, always keep an appropriate social distance (depending on your reaction time, one character width could be a good start).

Video Showcase

I did make some nearly lethal mistakes but luckily they all didn’t end my run. After all you still need some luck (and probably patience for a few tries) to get this achievement.

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