Universe Sandbox – How to Make All Types of Binary Star Systems

This guide will teach you how to make all types of binary star systems.

Guide to Make (S) Type Binary Systems

Creating Stars (S Type)

To add a star go to Tools-Add-Random main sequence. Now click were you want your 1st star. Good! Now you can shape the orbit of the other star.

Mapping 2nd Stars Orbit (S Type)

Press (H) on your keyboard and you can see the maximum distance and habitable zone. Great! Now you can place the other star make sure its on binary and balance motion on and don’t go inside the blue or green or red. Maximum distance is 6 astro Unit (S) you can go farther but i think it will destabilize and the minimum distance is 1 astro Unit from the ice zone. Anyways place the star. This is kinda what it should look like but a little bit farther.

Making Bary-Center for the Stars (S Type)

So. For this you hold c-t-r-l on your keyboard and click the two stars. Nice! Now you can release C-t-r-l and press the up arrow on any stars panel after you do that you should press (Make Bary-Center) Now click that. Good. Now you can see the bary-center. That makes it so you can see were the stars are orbiting and also dont accidently make a planet orbit the bary-Center!

Adding Varieties of Planets! (S Type)

To do this, you should press binary and balance motion Off and turn back on the habitable zones if you flicked them off. And place the planets anywhere in the ice or liquid or heat zone.

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