My Singing Monsters – How to Breeding Ethereal Monsters Outside of There Island

This guide will give you some tips on breeding ethereal monsters outside of there island.

Breeding Ethereal Monsters Guide


Obviously these monsters don’t have elements like normal monsters so it doesn’t really matter.


Every monster has there own breeding recipe? recipe. i’ll only share one recipe per monster for simplicity sake

  • Ghazt: Entbrat + Bowgard (plant)
  • Grumpyre: Deedge + Conge (Cold)
  • Reebro: Riff + Scups (air)
  • Jeeode: Shelbeat + Spunge
  • Humbug: Quarrsterr + Clamble (earth)

Getting Those Monsters to Etheriel Island

All you need to do is get the needed monster to level 15 and then you can teleport them to the island. There you can breed them to make new monsters.


  • Get torches: If you get them and they’re lit then it’ll be easier to breed the monsters. And if you have friends they can light the torch for you (sorry to any lonely people).
  • Have multible breeding buildings and nurseries these will get you more more monsters breeding at once and you can dispose the crap eggs faster if you have no wulblins.
  • Time Knowing the ammount of time a monster needs to breed will help with knowing which one is a dud or not. To my knowledge Ethereal mosters take at least a day to breed and if you knwo that you’ll know when you are done with your ong grindy journey.
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