Maneater – How to Skip the Startup Splash Screens

A brief rundown on how to skip the unskippable Splash screens on loading the game.

Guide to Skip the Unskippable Splash Screens


Maneater is a fun game to play, but the Splash screens at the start are irritating, especially when the game crashes to desktop as often as it does.

Instead of having those 5 splash screens on screen for about 10 seconds each, instead it goes straight to the Enter game screen, far preferable in my opinion.


Right click on your Maneater game and click “Browse Local Files”.

In there, you want to go to:

  • ../Maneater/Maneater/Content/Movies/

And in there, delete these files:

  • DeepSilver_1080.mp4
  • DeepSilver_1088.mp4
  • MIG_Logo_1080.mp4
  • MIG_Logo_1088.mp4
  • MW_Logos_1080.mp4
  • MW_Logos_1088.mp4
  • TWI_Logo_1080.mp4
  • TWI_Logo_1088.mp4
  • UE4_Logo_1080.mp4
  • UE4_Logo_1088.mp4

Now when starting up, you’ll go straight to the Enter Game Screen to play the game.

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