People Playground – How to Build an Elevator

A guide to making a working elevator.

Elevator Guide

How It’s Working

There are two buttons in the elevator, one to start the elevator, the other to change direction.

By clicking the button to start the elevator, the signal sending machine is activated which sends a signal to the second machine opposite which is connected to the elevator power source.

When the signal from the elevator reaches the receiver, the power source will be activated and the elevator will go in the selected direction.

The button to change directions activates the laser, the laser beam reaches the laser detector and then sends a signal to the retarder which makes the signal come only once, otherwise the elevator would change direction every second.

How to Build

  1. Build a rectangle 1 man high and 2 people wide.
  2. Then we build the elevator shaft.
  3. At the top of the shaft, mount the mechanism shown in the picture. After building it, select the mechanism and right-click and click on the rectangle with the inscription Frezze.
  4. Install the mechanism shown in the picture in the previously built rectangle.
  5. And then connect it to the hoist rope located at the top of the elevator shaft.

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