The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time – Basic Penguin Heist Guide

This guide will explain all of the basic elements of penguin heist and further, more complex concepts about the game.

Guide to Penguin Heist

A Basic Introduction

Penguin Heist is a game about heisting penguins as a penguin! It is a physics-based heisting game which prides itself on it’s variety of item and methods for completing a level.

The game plays like a rogue-like for anyone that hasn’t played a rogue-like, it has an rpg style item progression with as you go further you unlock more weapons and areas to go, in this case levels. The gun play, which many heist games fail to nail and make enjoyable, is one of the main features of penguin heist, while not accurate, here it plays itself marvelously to the style of game. However, not being experienced can make the handling unwieldly,.

Starting a Heist

To start a heist, all you need to do is to select “Play” hit “Single Player” and select your level, simple as that!

However, the game doesn’t make it too obvious how to select a weapon, you can choose up to 6 weapons from your arsenal. You click on a weapon to move it into your loadout and click on it inside of your loadout to remove it.

Now, we can start playing!

Basic Gameplay

The game is divided into levels that you unlock by buying them in the construction tab, this money can be obtained through completing heists successfully, awarding money depending on the heist and the user set difficulty. For the first level pictured here:

The objective is to enter the building and take the key, to bring to the boat to start it (this info can be seen by pressing M.).

This first level teaches you very well how to heist and it’s fundamentals and how to use the weapons, now, depending on the difficulty you have 500-800 money, with this you can buy the boat in the construction tab in the shop, this level poses as a tutorial as how to play the game, and how to continue the game is explained.

More In-Depth Strategies and Concepts

The sprint

The sprint is very simple, as the game adds a vector force forwards when attacking with E/Q, you can spam them and move forwards at incredible speed.

The launch

I’ll be honest, this one is more fun than useful, however, for the future it may help to know that if you walk on a slope, you can launch into the air, a good practice zone is the sides of the ice slab in Research Station.

Pongus Cola

Not advanced or in-depth, but damn, this thing rocks, you go extremely fast for a long period of time with perfect control. And it says “pongus” which is pong-sus

The Epic Gamer Loadout

This is my opinion, please try to make your own loadout to suit your own needs.


The Shotgun is for close-mid insta kill, it is quite good at taking care of a few penguins quickly, the katana is IMO the best melee as it’s hitbox is most consistent compared to others, it also has good range. The pongus cola is here for an obvious reason, speed, it can make you wizz by enemies and not take any damage, the medkit is for in case if you take damage as currently regen is far too slow, The fire extinguisher is IMO the best flying tool as it has good control and duration. The minigun is to take care large groupings mid-high range, like the bank entrance on Pongo City where you can start pummeling them before they can even touch you.

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