Train Station Renovation – How to Unlock Segregation Is My Passion Achievement (Any Save)

A guide on how you easily can unlock the Segregation is my passion achievement.

Segregation Is My Passion Achievement Guide

How to Do It

Note: This works on any save game.

Please, follow these following steps if no saves are stored:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Start the tutorial.
  3. Exit the game.

Continue from here once a save game has been added (Named or Autosave).

  1. Open your folder:
    C:Users[username]AppDataLocalLowLive Motion GamesTrainStationRenovationSave
  2. Edit the file that correspond to the name of your save (With notepad for easy)
  3. In the file, hit Ctrl + F search for amountOfSegregableTrash
  4. Put 399 to it’s value.
  5. Save and close.
  6. Launch the game again.
  7. Reload the savegame.
  8. Start the tutorial.
  9. Follow the guide on the usage of the Segregated Container.
  10. The achievement should unlock.

Note if this trick won’t work, try to add 199 in the value, repeat the steps, if this unlocks the “Segregation Expert” achievement, redo the steps from 7.

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