No Man’s Sky – Fix for The Lost Traveller Lost Artemis Issue

A guide to finding your way back to Artemis after you had lost the system’s teleport location from traveling too far. This happens to a lot of people, myself included so I wrote this guide for players to find their way back.

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Have you been doing the main story quest and are now stuck on “The First Traveller” mission? Because you don’t remember where you left Artemis since your lost the system in your Teleport history? Well I just ran into this problem myself a few days ago and have now found my way back to Artemis using a save editor to manually teleport myself since I took many black holes after starting the quest. This guide will instruct you how to do so yourself if you are dealing with this issue.

Getting Ready

First step is absolutely back up your save folder in case you happen to damage your save. If you’re just following my instructions though, that shouldn’t happen.

Default save location is found here:

  • C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\st_76561198044279579

Next you’ll need this save editor here.

Important things to know before you start editing your location with the save editor, if you have the PlanetIndex value as 0 that means you’ll spawn in space, outside of your spaceship but it will be right behind you, so either get inside it very quick, use your jetpack to get up to it, or just reload the same save and try to get it in again. The PlanetIndex determines what planet in that system you are on, so you could also just change that to 1 if you would like to avoid this.

The Steps

  • This is the tedious part, first go to where your BASE is, if you try to follow the Artemis quest waypoint it will always lead you to your base, unless you’re already there, then on the galaxy map you can see it says the waypoint is somewhere else completely. (Mine was about 1.2million Light Years away from my base.) 
  • Once you’re in your Base’s system, make the Artemis quest “The First Traveller” your active quest in your log so you can see how far away it is on the Galaxy Map. 
  • Check the map and see how many Light Years away it is, you need to compare this number with every other SYSTEM you think you’ve been to since you started the quest. 
  • Now just go down your Discovery Timeline and waypoint each system one by one and check if the distance to that waypoint matches the one to the Artemis quest. Once it does you have the location of where you last met Artemis. 
  • Once your custom waypoint and Mission waypoint distances match, save your game and open the NMS Save Editor. 
  • Your options uponing running it will make you select a Game Mode and Save File, choose the mode you are trying to do this for and it should automatically select the latest modified save file in there, you can also double check the timestamps on it with the ones in your game/save folder to be sure. 
  • Now that you have your save loaded in the Editor go up to where it says File and Edit and under Edit choose Edit Raw JSON, this is where you can change your character’s position on the galaxy map. On the left you’ll see a directory and on the right a bunch of text for coding. 
  • Under PlayerStateData on the left, the first thing you see on the right is Universe Address, Reality Index and Galactic Address. This is your current position in the galaxy. 
  • Now on the left again go to GameKnowledgeData and now the data on the right tells you all waypoints your save currently has, Atlas Station, Mission, BlackHole and User waypoints. This order is not always the same so pay attention to the words that tells you what coordinates you’re looking at. 
  • Now you want the Address ABOVE User: VoxelX/Y/Z, SolarSystemIndex and Planet Index and copy those EXACT values to the section before under PlayerStateData and replace the values there with the ones from User waypoint. 
  • Once that’s done, close the JSON Editor and and say YES to the prompt about saving data. 
  • Then in the NMS Save Editor’s main window, go to File > Save File. Now your most recent save is changed to the location you set. 
  • Now if you still had the game open while doing this, close and reopen the Options Menu and your latest save should update. That’s the save you just edited. Load it up and see where you end up by checking your Galaxy Map. 
  • If you followed all the instructions correctly you should be in the system you matched having the same distance as the Artemis quest which means Artemis is nearby! You should now be able to see the quest waypoint on one of the nearby planets! Congratulations!
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