Death Stranding – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Death Stranding game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • You can continue playing after the story is over and none of the trophies/achievements are missable.
  • There’s a super exhaustive Tips section in the menu under Data.
  • Holding the triggers/mouse buttons makes it hard to stumble or fall. It does make you move slower.
  • Ladders are almost more useful as impromptu bridges than as climbing aids. You can use them to cross both bodies of water and just generally rough terrain. Always carry ladders (and never forget a climbing anchor either).
  • When you are not carrying a lot of cargo you are able to double jump when you’re sprinting to get across small rivers. While wearing the Speed Exoskeleton it becomes a massive leap forwards, worthy of an Olympic athlete.
  • You need to stop moving to see/scan BTs. Scanning will keep them revealed for a couple of seconds, even if you start moving again.
  • There is little benefit to staying in Episode 2 to make additional deliveries. You’ll get way more tools and things to do from Episode 3 on. You will also be able to travel back to that section of the game.
  • The only things in Episode 2 you might want are the Bridges cap and the harmonica. You get the Bridges cap for having 3 stars in Capital Knot City. Delivery Order #13 sends you back to that location with enough chance to also pick up some lost cargo on the way there. For the harmonica you need to complete the order the Musician gives you. You just need to find his shelter first.
  • From Episode 3 on you can steal a truck from Mules. The amount of cargo it can carry is amazing. You can’t park Mule trucks in the garage and have them be repaired, but parking under a roof will make them last longer.
  • If you want the ability to create your own trucks, you need to keep working on mission orders. After finishing the Junk Dealer’s questline, his shelter will offer Order #35: Prototype Delivery and you can fabricate trucks after completing it.
  • Before you start bringing materials to an Auto-Paver to construct a piece of the road: check if that Auto-Paver falls within the chiral network because you connected a nearby settlement/shelter. An unconnected Auto-Paver won’t receive material contributions by other players over time, so it would force you to be the only contributor.
  • When selecting a bot delivery order, the percentage you see is how much damage the cargo will have taken upon arrival. It is not the condition of the cargo, so 90% means you will get a terrible rating.
  • A handful of the prepper shelters are not part of any mission orders and you’ll have to find the place they live first. They might be hesitant to join your organization. To get them to join: 1. Make a delivery, 2. Rest in a private room, 3. Read the e-mail they send you, 4. Repeat. You won’t get stars for them by simply bringing delivery after delivery.
  • A lot of weaponry have effects when you hold the button/charge an attack.
  • There’s a button for liking structures by other players and to have Sam shout into the world. The voice lines are different depEnding on when and where you press that button.
  • Your Porter Grade is visually represented by a five-pointed star. The toughest portion to level to 60/purple is Delivery Time, which goes up when completing Standard Orders that are marked as “time-sensitive” or “urgent”.
  • Late game there are standard orders that are marked as “chilled deliveries”. Transporting the cargo in one of your trucks will keep them cool.

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