Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Play on Normal or higher. The game is exceedingly easy, and playing on Easy is so unchallenging you could sleep through it.
  • The Digimon’s type (Data, Vaccine, or Virus) is more important than the element. Make sure to bring a few Virus-types as well as your favourites because some recurring bosses use Data-type Digimon.
  • Resetting the Digimon’s level with Digivolution isn’t the handicap you first think it is. Their stats remain the same, so don’t fret quite so much about throwing your new Level 1 Greymon into a fight.
  • Digimon in your Reserves gain EXP at the same rate, but they don’t gain CAM (camaraderie/friendship). Only those actually participating do. CAM is generally only really used for the “main” digivolution paths for some of the more notable Digimon (eg; Agumon->Greymon->MetalGreymon)
  • Veemon can get two of his DigiEgg Armor Evolutions. The first Digi-Egg is obtained from a bonus boss in the same area of Kowloon as your target for Chapter 7. Keep going past your target and you can’t miss him.
  • Likewise DNA Digivolving is in the game too, all it requires is getting both Digimon’s CAM up to 100% along with other prerequisite stats, then select it like any other Digivolution for one with both in your party.
  • Your Code-Hacker abilities have prerequisites for their use aside from your Cyber Sleuth Level. If you can’t use one despite your CS Level, check in the Player section of the Digivice menu. Generally it just requires you have a Digimon of a specific Type in your party.
  • The first thing you should do at the start of a new Chapter is go hunting through every location in Tokyo for a guy with a pair of big yellow spikes for hair called Victory Uchida. Every time you find this victorious fellow, he’ll give you a rare item. As a freebie for a tricky on;, when you have to go to Tokyo Underground for the second time, immediately turn around and go back the other way (south). The sneaky bugger’s hiding against the wall and you’ll never find him otherwise if you don’t think to look.
  • When you create a new Digimon from Scans higher than Rookie, the first thing you should do is devolve it a stage or two. Newly-created Champions and higher have an awful ABI stat and Level limit (A max level of 25 for Champions, for example), which generally means they can’t actually Digivolve to Ultimate at all.
  • There are only two ways to raise ABI: Digivolution and Miracle Meat. Miracle Meat’s rare and expensive, so the best way to get a Digimon’s ABI up is to de-and-re-Digivolve it a bunch of times. By mid/late game, that’s not so bad when you can burn up into the Level 20-30+ bracket off just a few fights.
  • If you want Stingmon for DNA-Digivolving into Paildramon, don’t do it through Wormmon because his stats take some serious work to meet the requirements. Falcomon or Tentomon are much easier Rookies to get to him through.
  • DNA Digivolving requirements only need to be met by one of the two Digimon, except for the 100% CAM requirements which both need to fulfill. The other is consumed in the process, so you can burn a crappy Digimon force-fed Digimeat for CAM requirements to supplement the other well-leveled one.

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