Echo Grotto – Locomotion Options

This short guide explains the different VR locomotion options available in Echo Grotto and how you can use them.

Teleporter Lamp

Your main (and recommended) locomotion method is through the ‘teleporter’ lamp.

This lamp has a few different features to help you explore caves:

  • When you throw the lamp you will teleport to where it lands after a small delay. This lamp has normal physics which means that you can drop it down cliffs, throw it over ledges and throw it in any way that you would throw a ball. The game is built around this style of movement and there are quite a few tricks you can pull off with your throws.
  • After teleporting to where the lamp lands, it will snap back to the hand that threw it. 
  • Each time you teleport a copy of the lamp will be placed in the ground where you landed. This happens every time you teleport, which results in a trail of lights guiding you back the way you came! 
  • There is a wire connecting each one of your previous teleports, which means that you leave a line of string behind you much like a real cave explorer would. As you explore the cave system you will sometimes come across your previous path!
    At any point you can simply re-trace your steps to find your way out of the cave system. 
  • When a teleporter lamp is in your hand you can ‘use’ it (press either trigger or trackpad) and you will instantly teleport back one step in your trail. This means you can quickly retrace your steps after exploring a dead end in a cave system. 
  • The lamp in your hand will always emit a small amount of light, just enough to shine on your belt/to see your hands in pitch darkness!
  • Lastly, you can ‘grab’ (press grip with an empty hand) and pick up a previously placed teleporter lamp on the ground. This will remove any lamps in the trail between your current lamp, and the one you’ve picked up. This is used to ‘resume’ a path of teleporter lamps if you come across a previous trail of lamps!

This lamp is always available at the cave entrance (or right next to you in scenarios).

Caving Hooks

Another vastly different locomotion option is to use these caving hooks!

While the teleporter lamp and grappling hook act as a traditional ‘teleport’ locomotion method, the caving hook allows you to ‘grab and drag’ yourself around using the environment.

While holding ‘use’ (hold the trigger or press the trackpad) with a caving hook in your hand you can move yourself around when touching the environment.

While the hook is in contact with the environment it will stay hooked in place, and any movement will instead move your body.

You can use this locomotion style to easily climb cliffs and steep surfaces in a very immersive way.

Please note: if you are susceptible to motion sickness then you should stick to the teleport-based locomotion methods. Using this movement method will more than likely make you feel ill if this affects you!

There are two caving hooks available at the entrance to the cave. You can access them immediately if you play in ‘experience’ mode, but if you play in ‘game’ mode then you must unlock them by finding them in the caves first.

If you want to try out these caving hooks in a really interesting environment then try out the ‘Crystal caves’ scenario (from the main menu).

This scenario will start you off inside a huge cavern of giant crystals, with the caving hooks as your only means of movement!

Grappling Hook

The grappling hook tool acts as the closest thing to a standard ‘teleport’ locomotion method.

With the grappling hook you can easily teleport large distances by simply ‘using’ the tool (press trigger or trackpad) while the grappling hook is in your hand.

Doing this will fire the hook directly in front of you and if it hits a spot you can land in you will be instantly teleported there!

There is a grappling hook available at the entrance to the cave. You can access it immediately if you play in ‘experience’ mode, but if you play in ‘game’ mode then you must unlock it by finding one in the caves first.

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