Left Alive – Wanzer Crusher Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Wanzer Crusher Achievement

I advice doing this on your second playthrough, once you’ve beaten the game you can use unlockable skills that’ll help you in new game +.

Use your points to unlock:

  • Handgun Mastery.
  • Increases Handgun Strength.

During mission 2 – The Restless you’ll encounter many Wanzers, find one that is near a building you can easily hide behind and get rid of every surrounding enemy first. Now get behind cover and shoot the Wanzer in the ‘head’ with your pistol, after three shots you should get it stunned, rince and repeat. The Wanzer should explode after 45 hits, but we don’t want that, shoot it 44 times and switch to a melee weapon. Once the Wanzer stops noticing you, make sure you can get behind it unnoticed, give it a whack and run back to hiding (keep it at one hit because you might get stomped, play safe!). Repeat this +/- 6 times and the achievement should be yours!

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