NBA 2K18 – How to Get Ankle Breaker Badge Quick and Easy

How To…

  • First, start off by playing a season game! You can not skip it and you have to play through it all! After you play a season game, click continue after the game, so you spawn at the central spawn area! If you spawn by the fountain, look behind you and go to the building where it will say training facility. 
  • Once you enter the training facility, click on the button to choose a badge to work on, and click ankle breaker. After you click ankle breaker, go down to gauntlep top or something close to that, as that is the easiest drill to do a double move to score. All you have to do from there is do 2 moves and score. 
  • The easiest way for me is to do 2 behind the backs, or my rythm up crossover and drive to the goal and layup. As long as you do 2 moves, and score, shooting a 3, mid range, or a layup, it will count towards ankle breaker!

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