Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – How to Find and Defeat Deviant Monsters

Guide to Unlock And Fight Deviant Monsters

Starting the Quest

  • So to unlock the deviants you need to get to Lulucion and talk to the clerk npc and do their subquest to show them a pukei-pukei.
  • Pukei pukei eggs can be found on hakolo island as a green egg with white spots.
  • Equip the pukei pukei in your party and talk to them.

After you Beat the Game

After you beat the final boss and have watched the credits go back to hakolo and talk to the scrivener outside your house. They will give you a letter from the clerk telling you to go to lulucion and talk to them. They will give you a quest to fight a pink rathian and after you complete that you go and fight a azure rathalos. Then they will give you a bunch of quests to find tracks that lead you to the deviant dens

Deviant Locations and Order

  • First you go to hakolo island and use the scoutflies to find tracks and then go to the den the quests lead you too and fight the silverwind nargacuga.
  • Then you go to lulucion and turn in the quest and then accept the new quest from the clerk.
  • Then repeat the same steps but in alcala to fight the grimclaw tigrex.
  • Then turn in the quest and accept the next one.
  • Do the same in lamure to fight bloodbath diablos.
  • Then turn in the quest and get the final quest from the clerk and find tracks in loloska and fight the thunderlord zinogre.
  • After that turn in the quest and you are done with the clerks questline.

Dreadqueen Rathain

  • Go to nua te village and talk to yoomlana then talk to the children on the left.
  • Then go to lamure towers 2nd flower and look for a sparkle and interact with it.
  • Then go to etulle lofty trees and look for a sparkle and interact with it.
  • Then go to guardian rathas den and look for the sparkle.
  • Then go to terga volcano base at night and go in the subquest den.
  • When you finish off the dreadqueen rathian go back to yoomlana and turn in the subquest for 20 bottle caps.


After you defeat the deviants you can accept subquests to fight them again.

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