Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – All Royal Monsters Locations/ Weaknesses/ Retreat Boosts

A guide showing where to find all royal monsters, their weaknesses and what boosts their retreat rates.

Ultimate Royal Monsters Guide


Royal Monsters are extremely strong (and angry) monsters that appear much sooner than their “normal” brethren in the story mode of the game.

They can easily one shot unprepared players and their monsties, they can often one shot prepared players as well to be honest.

But if you manage to beat em and make them retreat to their den (it’s not automatic, so you gotta work for it) you’ll find their eggs and have an awesome, strong monsters added to your party.

Read on to see where you can find em, tips on their weaknesses and what to do to boost their retreat rate (other than hitting em with a Paintball of course).

Royal Tigrex

Location: there’s three in the Alcala region but the easiest one is right by the catavan called Harzagai Hill- Inner. Just coast the Basarios area on the right and you’ll find it inside a short offshoot. Here’s the exact location.


  • Elemental: Lightning
  • Head: Slash
  • Legs: Everything

How to boost retreat rate: trap it in a shock trap and break its head with a greatsword.

Royal Monoblos

Location: this one is also very close to the Inner Harzgai Hill catavan, just coast to the left of the map and reach this area and find it sleeping right on the path.


  • Elemental: Lightning
  • Horn: Piercing
  • Stomach: Piercing/ Slashing
  • Tail: Piercing

How to boost retreat rate: defeat it using sword and shield after paralyzing it.

Royal Gammoth

Location: this guy is so big it’s hard to miss, you’ll find it right by the Woodland catavan point.


  • Elemental: Fire
  • Head: Blunt
  • Legs: Blunt
  • Body: Blunt
  • Tail: Slashing
  • Nose: Slashing

How to boost retreat rate: Use a Glavenus Kinship Skill to defeat it.

Royal Zinogre

Location: You’ll find this chonker sleeping it off on the path after the Lavina Glacial Peaks catavan.


  • Elemental: Ice
  • Head: Piercing
  • Body: Piercing
  • Tail: Slashing

How to boost retreat rate: defeat it using Ice element attacks after inflicting it with Blastblight.

Brute Tigrex

Location: once more this one sleeps near a catavan stand, it’s right next to the Sadona Barrens one.


  • Elemental: Lightning
  • Head: Blunt

How to boost retreat rate: get it stuck in a shock trap nad break the head with a hammer.

Royal White Monoblos

Location: it’s at the end of a narrow path just north of the Jalma Highlands catavan stand.


  • Elemental: Lightning
  • Horn: Piercing
  • Tail: Piercing
  • Legs: Piercing

How to boost retreat rate: defeat it using a bow after paralyzing it.

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