The First Tree – Where to Find All 150 Stars

Hiya, I’m leelee and in this guide I’ll be showing the locations to all 150 stars

I highly recommend attempting these achievements first before using this guide. If you are absolutely stuck, come back and watch the video.
Through this guide you can get the achievements for 50 stars, 100 stars, and 150 stars.

This guide contains spoilers!!!

Where to Find the Stars

In total there are 150 stars to find in the game.

  • The first level has 30.
  • The second level has 30.
  • The third level has 40.
  • The fourth level has 25.
  • The fifth level has 25.

So already on the second level you can get one of the achievements, and on the third level you get the second.

This is a video where all locations are shown.

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