Swords of Legends Online – Performance & Visuals Guide

A guide about the Graphics & Performance.

Guide to Performance & Visuals

Visual Quality / Graphics

In the top left corner, you can select the “Picture Style”.

I heavily recommend setting this to either “Soft” or “Dreamy” because the default “Recommended” style does NOT do the asian aesthethic any justice since it grays out most of the colors.

In the game settings, you can select the “General Settings” & then DISABLE “Intelligent Depth of View”.

The Intelligent Depth of View doesn’t work very well especially if you use the “Dreamy” picture style. It makes everything way too blurry and is just annoying to play with.

Performance / FPS

If you have FPS issues, you can select “Hide Players” in the top left corner, to increase your FPS by quite alot.

Buying a better PC will not help here. The engine of the game is badly optimized and has issues rendering too many players at once (Will not be a problem for Raids & Dungeons, but is a problem for overly populated villages.

If you still have FPS issues, you can try to enable “Nvidia DLSS” in the “Picture” settings at the bottom of the page. (Put to 2 to enable)

Its DLSS 1.0, so it will have a somewhat negative effect on your visual quality, but it should improve your FPS by a decent amount, while leaving all your other settings high.

If you have a extremely low end PC, but still want to play, you can enable the “Low” option at the top of the “Picture” settings (Put to 2 to enable).

This will make your game appear very low detail, but will provide a massive boost on FPS on low end systems.

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