Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue?

Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue takes you on a journey to a hand-drawn fantasy world, where you guide your heroes through the first hour of the upcoming tactical RPG. The Prologue version introduces you to the game’s story and includes three battles, as well as item crafting and character customization.

What is Reverie Knights Tactics?

Reverie Knights Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG with strategic battles in isometric grids where every decision can alter the story. Travel through a hand-drawn fantasy world and lead your heroes in a story-rich adventure, visual novel style!

Who is making Reverie Knights Tactics?

The game is being developed by 40 Giants Entertainment – a transmedia company based in the south of Brazil, set to work on various products for the entertainment industry, such as video games and comic books, using original or licensed IPs.

What’s the story of Reverie Knights Tactics?

In the world of Arton, the elves arrived in the continent of Lamnor, constructing the great Elven City of Lenórienn, although the area was already occupied by many goblinoid tribes.

While Lenórienn soared as a bastion of culture and civilization, the elves were isolated and xenophobic… resulting in a conflict with the goblins that lasted nearly a thousand years, ending with Lenórienn overtook and corrupted.

A few decades after, the Order of Tanna-Toh took it upon itself to recover whatever knowledge was left in the remains of the city, sending an expedition led by a man named Marius. Three months later, not a single word was heard back from them, and the worst was to be expected… They had to be rescued.

For such a task, Marius’s adoptive daughter, Aurora, was chosen to lead a new expedition, with the help of her best friend Brigandine and Fren, an elven ranger who survived the conquest of the city, along with Hellaron, a golem of the Order. Together, they will brave the continent to gain access to the city, and discover what secrets lies in these lands.

When can I play Reverie Knights Tactics?

The release date hasn’t been decided yet so we can not give a precise date or period. However, if you join our Discord / Facebook / Twitter you will be notified first about all the important news related to the game!

Which platforms will Reverie Knights Tactics release on?

Reverie Knights Tactics is coming to PC (Windows, Mac), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch

What will the pricepoint of the game be?

We will decide about the price once we are closer to the completion of the game’s development.

What is the expected playtime of Reverie Knights Tactics?

The game is expected to be about 14 hours long in normal mode.

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