Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – How to Complete Dreadqueen Rathian Quest (Rhyming Riddle)

This is a quest guide for Rhyming Riddle.

Dreadqueen Rathian Quest Guide

Dreadqueen Rathian Quest

FYI this is a 9* quest. You can get this quest by talking to Yoomlana in Nue Te village.

  • First treasure is on the 2nd floor of Lamure Tower

  • Second treasure is right before the Paolumu den in the Etulle Loft Trees

  • Third treasure is in the Guardian Ratha Woods (closest fast travel point is Forbidden Grounds), right next to some mossy broken rocks.

Fourth treasure is in the evening of the Terga Volcano base. You should see the den near the plesioth area, you can track the quest for an indicator on the minimap.

Her eggs are a possible chance to be grabbed in the co-op volcano region (exploring) or super rare dens in the Terga Volcano region.

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