Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of Skullkeep – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Have an item list on hand, the game will tell you nothing about their stats or abilities.
  • If you’re inexplicably losing stats/capabilities you may be injured (red border around an equipment slot, bloodied bandage if you remove that item), the only way to get rid of that status is by drinking a healing potion (Vi).
  • The Open spell (Zo) works not just on doors, but pits as well! Those pits are rare, but you will have to use this at some point in the game.
  • Whenever you’re stuck on a moving puzzle, make sure to try it under the Haste spell (Oh Ir Ros).
  • When facing a non-material enemy you can actually go inside them, it is both the safest spot and the most useless one to attack them from.
  • Most magical items/weapons you activate (as opposed to Always-on items) have a limited number of charges, the game won’t tell you how many are left until you run out. You cannot recharge them, with one notable exception.
  • Once you find the second teleporter panel, lock the starting village, remove the key, and use the teleporter to get in and out, to prevent thieves coming in.
  • Mithral Hosen are this game’s Boots of Speed, but there are only 2 in the game, so ignore them because you’re never getting the perma-haste unless 2+ characters die.
  • Magical maps will actually show you illusionary walls with the appropriate option turned on (the options go: show enemies/show secrets/show magical objects and missiles/anchor map view to current position). Be aware that enabling extra options will increase the mana drain.
  • You can haggle (give the merchant a bit less money than he wants, wait and see if he agrees, if he keeps thinking add a coin), and convert your money to the highest types possible (by “selling” your money box)
  • Selling lots of loot from grinding is a huge hassle and will drive you crazy, here’s how to streamline it. With this method the merchant will take all the items at once and put the money straight into your money box, no screwing around with taking coins each time you sell an axe.
  • Put a large item this specific merchant won’t take (like a chest) on the selling table
  • Put your money box on the table.
  • Add all the items you want to sell to this merchant.
  • Remove the chest.
  • Speaking of axes, sell them in the starting village, they sell there for like 4 times more than in the closer spot.
  • At some point in the game (for me it happened shortly after opening the Ir key door) the villain will take notice of you and send an attack drone after you that will follow you around the map and even open doors. Killing the drone isn’t much use as a stronger one will be sent shortly after, what you need to do is lure it to a lockable room, close the door and remove the key from the lock. The starting room is a good spot if you’re willing to lose the resurrection altar.
  • Near the endgame you will have to align 3 projectiles so they hit a crystal at the same time. This needs to be frame-perfect and is a massive pain in the ass to do. You can bypass it by flipping on all 4 switches in that room and blasting the crystal with the Numenstaff’s triple fireball, as the game only cares if 3 missiles hit the crystal at the same time.

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