Ys IX: Monstrum Nox – Force High LOD Maps Mod

Force the full detail map models to be used.

Mod to Force High LOD Maps


One of the most disappointing omissions from Ys IX’s PC port for me was the ability increase the LOD of maps, since Balduq notoriously adjusts the detail of its areas from rather short distances.

It turns out that it’s relatively simple to resolve this through modding, since you can delete (most) lv1/lv2 IT3 files, and also replace the calls to the low LOD models in the ARB files with their full detail lv0 counterparts.


This mod is not fully tested! I have only tested this mod up to the end of Chapter 4, so I am currently unsure if there are issues that may crop up further down the line. I will continue testing throughout my playthrough and update the mod, if need be.

This mod may also increase hardware requirements, since the low LOD map models will no longer be swapped in in most cases. The only case where low LOD map models are used are for dungeons, since they are used to cull areas and prevent them from overlapping.

This mod will not fix the extremely short distance that objects are culled at, unfortunately. Durante mentioned that he is looking into improving this for a future patch, at least.


You may want to make backups of the files that will be deleted/replaced. If so, backup the following folders.

  • map
  • map_en
  • map_fr

  • Open your Ys IX Monstrum Nox folder, The easiest way to get to this folder is to right click Ys IX in your Steam Library, then click Browse local files.

  • Extract the folders in the downloaded archive to your Ys IX Monstrum Nox folder, replacing any files when prompted.

  • In your Ys IX Monstrum Nox folder, enter the map folder, and there should be a new file named deleteLV1LV2.bat. Run this batch file, and it will delete the necessary lv1/lv2 IT3 files, so they will no longer be swapped in.

  • Play! A quick way to test this mod is to go to the Agricultural District and check to see if the distant areas retain their full detail, no matter how far you are.




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