Unturned – How to Get the Scissors Melee Weapon on Elver

When I searched around on how to get the scissors without spawning them in with commands, there was little to no info at all, and what info I did find was misleading or led to dead ends. In this guide, I will show you how to legitimately get the Scissors melee weapon on Elver.

Scissors Melee Weapon Guide

All credit goes to Miss_Huntress_1082 (No Mic)!


Before getting the Scissors, you first must complete all of Rainwright’s and Matt’s quests, save Big J and complete Punisher 1, Punisher 2 and reach the final stage of Punisher 3: Eliminate him.


Once you have reached the final stage of Punisher 3 and enter into the final arena, if you look to the right of the entrance area, you will see a part of a scissor nearby some boxes.

Then after you’ve located the scissor part, go prone and look at the scissors from this angle.

Then approach the scissors and go into them until you see the pickup option.

Once you’ve picked up the scissors, that’s all there is to it, now you have your very own scissor sword (It works the same way the Sword of Light does, excluding the unsheathing sound when pulling out the sword).

The End

And that’s all there is to it.

57746 is the ID for the scissor sword if you still don’t want to do it properly and spawn in the sword instead.

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