QuiVr – Definitive Bosses and Event Stages Guide

Advice on how to beat the various boss or event stages in Quivr.

Guide to Beat Bosses and Event Stages


Quivr’s boss or event stages offer some fun and interesting challenges, but it can be hard to figure out how you’re supposed to beat some of them. This guide is my attempt to put as much useful information as possible in one place.

General Advice

Unlike standard gate defense levels, Quivr’s boss levels all feature a large floating HP gauge – note that this is YOUR HP, not the boss’s. It’ll deplete as you take damage or make mistakes, depending on which boss you’re dealing with, and running out of HP results in a failure.

You’ll receive a prize whether you win or lose, but if you win, you can progress onto a new set of gate defense stages of higher difficulty, followed by the next boss. Do this by firing an arrow into the large crack that will open in the wall in front of you.

Some action is usually required to start the event, such as firing a first arrow at a monster. It is possible to skip a boss stage before starting it by looking around for a small target, usually high up and difficult to hit – if you do hit it, you’ll be taken directly to the next set of gate defense stages, though you’ll forfeit any reward you’d have won from beating the boss. Notably, there’s a similar mechanic in the lobby area before starting the first gate defense stage – look for a small hanging box, high up, and if you hit it, you’ll be able to skip all the first set of gate defense stages and the boss battle that follows them, and get straight into the second set at a higher starting difficulty (and presumably better odds of getting better rewards).

Special abilities like firebombs don’t matter to most boss stage challenges, and may not even be enabled. Aimed shots and other damage modifiers also usually don’t make much difference (with a few exceptions) – challenges are more about accuracy, quick-thinking and focus, though the specifics vary.

Which boss you get at the end of any particular set of gates appears to be random, though I’ve found the worm boss, orbiting spheres and cups-and-balls puzzle to be the most common at the first round. There may well be other bosses I’ve yet to encounter, but these are the ones I’ve seen so far.

Specific Bosses

Worm Boss

This boss can only be damaged when the two red weakpoints on its neck are glowing – the rest of the battle is a matter of avoiding damage while you wait for it to become vulnerable again. You’ll need to hit all 6 weak points (3 rounds of 2 at once) to win.

There are spears sticking out of it similar to weak points of the plant and statue bosses, but you can ignore them here – these ones don’t do anything.

Teleport locations won’t appear until the worm has completed a starting animation when it roars and attacks you. Watch for them to appear and start moving as soon as possible to get out of its way. Beyond this point, you’ll take damage if it hits you.

The worm is slow-moving, but will hone in on your location if you stay in one place too long. The greater danger tends to be from the boulders it sends flying as it moves, since these come at you from above, and keeping track of what’s in the air while also watching the worm isn’t easy.

Glowing boulders can be shot out of the air before they hit you to avoid damage. Any boulders that don’t glow can’t be shot – you’ll have to move to avoid them. Teleport locations may become temporarily unsafe if hit by its poison breath, or permanently unavailable if hit by large boulders.

Each time you’ve hit both glowing weak points, the worm will go through a moving phase where it bursts out of the ground at different locations. There isn’t much to do in this phase but keep moving and avoid damage. Not an easy boss overall – I’d lost to the worm at least half a dozen times before the first time I beat it, but far from the worst you’ll meet at higher levels.

Plant Boss

Similar to the worm boss in that this one only takes damage when the spears sticking out of its body are glowing. Hit them 3 times to kill it, the rest of the battle is avoiding damage and waiting until it becomes vulnerable again.

Like the worm, this one goes through a mobile phase in between stationary phases where it becomes vulnerable. Its mobile phase involves rotating walls of damaging mist – stay still too long and these will catch up with you, but be careful where you move to as teleports covered by vines will damage you, and teleports with a green-mist-glow are about to spawn vines.

During the stationary phase, green mist will rise or lower from the floor/ceiling, covering some teleport locations. Though this is a much less aggressive boss than the worm, finding a safe place to stand with decent vantage on the weak points can be tricky – I’ve had both very easy and remarkably difficult battles with this one (I’d swear sometimes there’s just about no safe teleports left), possibly depending which stage/setting you catch it in.

Cups and Balls

Usually one of the easier bosses – just track the ‘basket’ containing the glowing sphere until it stops moving, and shoot it to win the round.

This ‘boss’ loads with a ring of coloured spheres orbiting one giant one; shoot the large sphere to start. On each round (except the last) one of the glowing spheres will fall into one of the target baskets below and then be hidden, and your job is to keep track of that target while everything shuffles around the field. Mistakes will mean you take damage. On the final round, the game will give you two spheres to track at once which is much harder, but as long as you’ve done okay on previous rounds you should be able to tank the damage if you miss one.

Though this is one of the most common first bosses, this event can get much harder if encountered later in the game – at higher levels, you’ll move up to tracking two spheres at once from the second round, then three for final set. Can help to pick a vantage point where you’ve got a good view of the whole stage, but not an easy one to tackle solo at the best of times.

Orbiting Spheres

Destroy all the moving spheres. You’ll take damage only when an arrow falls into the lava when you miss.

One of the most confusing and disorienting stages, since you seem to spawn upside-down and the physics are very weird, but also one of the easier boss stages once you figure out how it works. Just take your time and line up your shots carefully. Some spheres are easier to hit from different angles, so move around as much as you like – the physics makes some teleport circles harder than usual to hit, but you’ll only take damage when missing arrows hit the lava, so you can afford to take a couple of tries to hit those targets.

Wall Climb

The objective here is to reach the top of the wall. Whenever you reach a location with a console, hit the indicated 4 symbols by holding a hand over that symbol and hitting the trigger button on your controller. When you get the sequence right, new teleport locations will appear and you can advance upward.

This is another of these puzzles that can be a bit impenetrable at first, but is pretty straightforward once you figure out what it wants from you. The game won’t properly start until you enter the first set of symbols at the first teleport point, then it’ll start throwing boulders and lasers at nearby teleports. The main challenge is multitasking between hitting the correct symbols or picking a safe moment to move while keeping an eye out for boulders coming your way. Make it to the top to win. The last panel location is well away from the edge, and you’ll be pretty safe by the time you get there.

Protect the Sphere

Shoot all the glowing clouds as they spawn. Any that reach the half-buried sphere at the middle of the stage will damage it (and thus you).

Note that clouds with a solid boundary take more damage to kill – an aimed shot usually does the trick, making this one of few event stages where aimed shots matter.

Shoot the sphere at the centre to start. The platform you’re on will begin to descend, and you’ll have to defend the central sphere until you reach the bottom. Relatively straight-forward, but not necessarily easy – this is a stage I’ve only seen a handful of times, and have yet to beat.

Protect the Pillar

Similar to the Sphere above, but light in this stage fades rhythmically in and out, so you may end up aiming blind a lot of the time.

To balance the odds, your targets are large, slow-moving spheres – each one that reaches the central pillar will destroy one block, and when you run out of blocks, you lose.

This is a strange one – I’ve beaten it more than once, but I’ve also lost miserably, and it can be very hard to tell where the spheres that get it are coming from (behind the pillar, perhaps?). Possibly picking the right starting location makes the difference, but I’ve yet to fully figure this one out.

Robed Statue

Like a mix of the Protect the Sphere and Plant bosses, you’ll fight off a torrent of glowing balls of fuzz while waiting for the glowing spear weak points to become vulnerable again.

This is a boss I’ve only seen a couple of times and have yet to beat, so I can’t offer much advice you couldn’t glean from previous stages.

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