Samurai Gunn 2 – How to Read the Manual

The manual is an essential part of Samurai Gunn 2, but it may not be apparent that it even exists, especially in Big Picture Mode.

Manual Guide

Steam – Default Desktop Layout

In the “additional content” section, click “manual.” The location of this is noted in the image blow.

Web Browser

Steam – Big Picture Mode

  • Open this guide, scroll to the section titled “web browser” and click the link.
  • This might change when the Steam Deck is released.

Steam – SteamVR

  • Same as in Big Picture Mode, but in VR.
  • Alternatively, take off your headset and follow the instructions in the default desktop mode.

I’m not sure why you’d do this, but hey, there’s your instructions. Actually, your monitor could be broken and you need to play Samurai Gunn 2’s singleplayer/online multiplayer.

If that’s the case, and you came to this guide for help finding the manual, uhh, cool.

Other Platforms

  • Switch – Unlike the Wii U and 3DS, games don’t have digital manuals anymore. Unless a way to access the manual within the game is added (which seems likely), reading the manual on Switch will be very hard. That’s what you trade for touchscreen comic support!
  • GoG – Galaxy – This hasn’t been released on GoG, but hey, the manual would be in the “extras” section, located directly next to the play button.
  • – Web – Hey, it’s not on Itch either, but if I’m writing for SteamVR, I’m writing for every platform I know well enough to write about. Navigate to the downloads page, then download the manual.
  • – Desktop App – Click the gear next to “launch” on the game’s page in your library, then download the manual.
  • Wii U – Open the game, press the home button, then tap manual. (Seriously, the Wii U is the best home console ever made, partially due to the fact that manuals are so easy to access.).
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