Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Infinity Stones Notes

Since the information in game is pretty bare, these are just some notes I have for the stones so far.

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Reality Stone

Infinity Surge – Launches an energy burst that homes in on the enemy.

Shoots a single, slow moving projectile that travels 3/4 of the screen but follows the enemy. It’s worth noting that you can only have one of these on screen at a time, and you can’t throw the opponent while yours is on screen.

Infinity Storm – Unleashes a different elemental attack depending on the button pressed.

  • LP shoots a green projectile from you to the enemy. This doesn’t cause hitstun, so the enemy can walk through this but will take a small bit of damage on each successful hit. The enemy does flinch, but it doesn’t really slow them down a noticable amount. 
  • HP shoots a beam that has a bit of a startup, but does 10 hits 
  • LK kicks ice towards the enemy, freezing them in place if it isn’t blocked. Although it travels along the ground, it can be blocked standing. If you make contact with an actual LK, it will also work 
  • HK sends a beam of lighting from above.

None of these attacks can appear on screen at the same time besides the LP. So while you can use HP and switch sides and use LP to create a trap, you cant use HP and HK at the same time. There’s also no avoiding these attacks coming out, so you will have to adjust your combo timings a bit or use them to extend it.

Power Stone

Infinity Surge – Powerful attack that launches the enemy backwards

Does exactly what it says. Must be blocked standing and on successful hit, pushes the enemy across the screen and causes a wall bounce that can be followed up for a combo. If used twice in a combo, triggers the infinite protection system and the enemy automatically flips out.

Infinity Storm – Raises attack power, and every hit will smash the enemy backward

Increases attack power by about 30 percent and each attack launches the enemy slightly up and backwards. Each successful attack drains the infinity stone gauge a bit, but blocked attacks don’t.

Space Stone

Infinity Surge – Draws the enemy toward you

Pulls the enemy in your direction. you can use this to close the distance or confuse your opponent’s timing for certain punishes they might be planning on. If the enemy is in hitstun or in a hard knockdown, this has no effect.

Infinity Storm – Seals the enemy in a force cage, restricting their movement

Literally puts a box around the enemy, meaning they can’t move outside of it or jump higher than the top of the box. You can combo them from this, and if you launch them, they will follow you up while still being restricted to the cube. The only way to get them to move to a different position on the screen aside from a juggle is via throw. They can still attack from inside the cage but they can’t change character until the stone’s gauge is depleted.

Time Stone

Infinity Surge – Moves a set distance at super speed

This moves you towards the opponent about a half screen. You cannot go backwards when using this, but you can also use it if the opponent is in a corner to switch sides with them on the ground. You can obviously use this to close the distance really fast, especially with slower characters, but you can also use it to attack from weird, unpredictable angles.

Infinity Storm – Enables quick comboing into other attacks when you land a hit. Raises active switch speed

This is basically the return of custom combos. Once activated, your movement speed stays the same, but you can cancel any attack into any other. This means if you have a particularly damaging attack that usually pushes you away from the enemy, you can keep canceling into it. The enemy still gets pushed back by each attack, so you can use the switch speed to tag in your other character to keep the pressure up if they start to get out of your range.

Mind Stone

Infinity Surge – Throw attack that renders the enemy immobile

It’s labeled as an attack in the description, but this is actually a command throw that knocks the opponent down and leaves them in a dizzy state when they get up. From what I’ve seen, you can’t combo into this and it does have a kind of long startup, so the best thing I’ve found to do is use a character with a slower projectile, tag, wavedash in, then go for the infinity surge. Either that, or delay one of your combos so the person expects you to continue, punish them if they hesistate with this, then combo off of the dizzy state.

Infinity Storm – HC gauge rises continuously

Keeps refilling the HC gauge as long as you are in the Infinity Storm. You can use this to keep dishing out combos or supers, or to refill your gauge and use it after the storm is over. Don’t forget that you can spend the remaining bit of your gauge by pressing Surge+Swap at the same time to trigger a level 1 super so you don’t waste any of the meter you built up.

Soul Stone

Infinity Surge – Far-reaching attack that leeches the enemy’s vitality

Strikes forward with an attack that reaches about 3/4 screen and recovers a small bit of your life for each successful use. You can use it in combos, but the only moves it truly combos off of are moves that normally wouldnt chain into other things aside from a launcher. Using Ryu, it wont combo off any of the light attacks, but it does combo off of both hard attacks on ground. This infinity gem can’t be cancelled into attacks, specials, or supers but you can tag in another character and keep the combo going.

Infinity Storm – Revive a fallen partner and rush the opponent, fighting as one

Both of your characters appear on screen, allowing you to set up some nasty traps or combos. You do control both of them at the same time, so if you do a QCF + P, both characters in your control will make that motion. The inputs are not mirrored, so if you press right, both characters will move right, and the same goes for using normal attacks. It takes a while to get your head around it, but you can use it to set up some nasty combos and traps. If one of your characters is down, it revives them and has their health slowly recover as long as the infinity storm is going on and they aren’t taking damage.

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