Eador: Genesis – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Eador: Genesis game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Don’t bother with mixed hero classes (warrior-scout, mage-warrior etc.). They’re not worth losing access to skills of level 4 and 5.
  • Ctrl+click allows you to fill your slots quickly. (You do know that you need to have the same spell in several slots to cast it again and again, right?)
  • There is a turn limit in the Astral. It’s 50-90 turns, depending on the difficulty level. Not Shard turns, mind you – you can take your time with those and the conquest of an entire shard still takes just 1 Astral turn. But run out of Astral turns and it’s an instant Bad End.
  • Karma (alignment) is quite important in this game and affects stuff like master reactions, race relations, and unit choice (if you’re a do-gooder you’ll have huge morale problems when using evil warlocks and vice versa). It’s also affected by lots of things – e.g. making a Healer building (Good-aligned unit) gives a karma bonus, casting a Raise Skeleton spell in battle or making a deal with a brigand province guard gives a karma penalty, even stuff like attitude of your dialogue responses to random events can affect your karma despite having no other mechanical effects. Higher karma isn’t automatically better, but it’s useful to pick either good or evil and stick to it.
  • The height your world is floating at means how large it is in relation to other masters’ worlds. You raise this by conquering masterless shards and it affects a few things like when you can start invading other masters’ worlds.
  • The campaign is horribly slow, autosaves everything, and will give you one-time options out of the blue where a wrong answer can irreversibly mess up your game plan. Have no qualms about backing up the save folder, and keep multiples from various stages in the game.
  • When conquering shards, keep an eye out for random events that tell you something about the shard populace finding an artifact and (this is the important part) sending it to the Astral. When you get one, ask Zarr (and/or other masters) about it.
  • When you have an Astral quest to search for an artifact, you might be informed a few turns into a shard map that there is one on that specific shard. If you finish the shard before finding the item, it’s lost forever, which can possibly lock you out of some endings. Also, you’ll probably be told the kind of site the item can appear in, write that down as you won’t get to review it during the shard!
  • Your “journal” will appear on the score/stats screen.
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