Elona – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Elona game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The easiest start is probably a Yerles Archer. Ranged combat is very useful, and the Cyber Dome near the start has two firearm shops and a Mani of Machine altar.
  • Platinum medals should be spent on unlocking skills first and only spent on boosting skills when their natural potential starts running out. Skill points in turn should only be spent when skills and potentials start taking large amounts of platinum to boost.
  • Weight Lifting, Sense Quality, Anatomy, Literacy, Negotiation, and your combat multiplier skill (Two Hand, Dual Wield, Marksman, etc.). Any of those skills you didn’t start with should be purchased ASAP before anything else.
  • Other useful skills are Gardening (easy stat boost from harvest missions), Performer (“easy” platinum from parties) and Gene Engineer (produces insane pets). But hold off on those until you have the above and any other skills you feel are needed for combat survival.
  • The little girl is the best starting “pet” as she has the most slots for equipment. If you need more assistance, other human pets can be purchased from the slave market in Derphy.
  • Leashes and stethoscopes can be applied once to keep your pets nearby and keep track of their health, then dropped to free up space.
  • Bed quality determines dreams quality, so always sleep in the best bed you can. I personally also recommend the Exorcist feat, as this provides justification for when you inevitably save-scum to avoid Cursed Whisperings dooming all of your gear for no reason.
  • Static maps (towns and fixed dungeons) contain small medals, which are found by searching any square that shows a *twinkle* (searching also shows a different message if there’s one nearby). Small medals can also be found in treasure chests and safes. These medals can be turned in at the workshop on the far right side of the map for different things, the most important of which are the unique artifacts, the potion of Hermes’ Blood (boosts speed – bless before drinking!), and eventually the Void Explorer’s License, which opens the absurd bonus dungeon.
  • In terms of common mistakes: The bar in Vernis, the first town, contains two things: a piano, and <Loyter> Crimson of Zanan, a very high-level NPC who is noted for specializing in throwing weapons and hating music. Performing there (or at any party he shows up at) is basically instantly fatal. On the plus, that means free items when he murders every bard who tries to approach the piano!
  • I should note that he gets away with this because no one cares when you kill bards. Or <Gwen> the Innocent for that matter. Feel free to murder her every time you enter Yowyn and then fill your museum with countless copies of her statue and card, and your fridge with countless copies of her corpse.
  • Vernis also contains <Whom dwell in the vanity>, the second-highest level neutral NPC in the game. He wields Ragnarok, a unique sword with the special quality “It brings an end”. It does exactly the same thing here that it does in the flash game. Never, ever, ever let him get into combat for any reason.
  • Wait to gamble until you get a Lucky Day, then get as many 4-5 win blackjack streaks as you can. Stopping there almost guarantees a potion of cure corruption, which are more valuable than the equipment it gives you at higher wins (exception: wings, because those are stupidly overpriced/valued).
  • The well near the church in Noyel is a holy well, which refills at a slow natural rate that cannot be accelerated and has a much higher chance of giving potentials increases and wishes. It, of course, also still has a chance of just swallowing your pets when they steal a drink, so maybe save-scum here a little bit.
  • If your treasure map shows nothing but snow, congratulations, the game hates you.
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