Samurai Warriors 5 – Objective List

List of Objectives

All credit goes to bruticus0!

Raid on the Imagawa

  • Objectives 5/5

The Battle Begins

  • Defeat the Enemy Troops

Heihachiro’s Brave Fight

  • Defeat Tadakatsu Honda (Be careful on hard)

Imagawa Reinforcements

  • Defeat Motonobu Okabe and Yasuyoshi Asishina

Ninja and the Noblewoman

  • Defeat Sena and Hanzo Hattori to prevent Nobuyuki Oda and Katsuie Shibata from being taken out

Mikawa Wavers

  • Defeat Hirotada Matsudaira and Masanari Naito


  • Description

Assault on Mino

  • Objective 9/9

Gaining a Foothold

  • Defeat Michikatsu Inoue to capture the Central Garrison

The Foolish and the Stubborn

  • Defeat Mitsuhide Akechi

The Viper’s Trap

  • Defeat Toshimitsu Saito to defend the Oda Main Camp

We Three of Mino

  • Defeat Ittetsu Inaba, Morinari Ando, and Bokuzen Ujiie

The Young Strategist

  • Defeat Hanbei Takenaka

Echoes on the Battlefield

  • Defeat Mitsuhara Fuwa and the Drum corps


  • Defeat Mitsuhide Akechi

Nobuyuki’s Struggle

  • Defeat Michitoshi Nagai and the spear captains

Yoshitatsu the Opportunist

  • Prevent Yoshitatsu Saito from infiltrating the Oda Main Camp

Turmoil on Mt. Inaba 8/8

  • Objectives 8/8

Breaking through the Siege

  • Defeat the enemy troops to break through their siege

Caged Butterfly

  • Defeat Dochin Takegoshi to assist No’s advance

The Spider’s Thread

  • Defeat Michitoshi Nagai and Morinari Ando

Toshimitsu’s Resolve

  • Defeat Toshimitsu Saito

In the Depths of-Darkness

  • Defeat Ittetsu Inaba and Bozuken Ujiie to open the wooden-floored room

Taking Precautions

  • Prevent Mataichi Sengoku from approaching No

Triggers in the enclosed room just west of the assassins

The Strategist behind the Pincer

  • Defeat Hironari Hineno

Triggers in north central room with large fire pit.

A Genius General Lurks Beneath

  • Defeat Hanbei Takanaka. Triggers east of courtyard.


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