Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – Chapter 5 (Insane Mode)

This Guide will help you beat Chapter 5 Insane Mode and get the Emporer skin, The Achievement and Bragging Rights!

Story Insanity 5 Achievement Guide

Space Ship – End of the Corridor

The Space Ship part is the same (I think) as normal so you should be able to beat the easily.

Once you reunite with your friend (i’m going to refer to your friend as Tim) its kinda hard but simple, just try to get Tim to do most of the work. When you get to the Corridor try to stay behind letting Tim do the work but kill any robots after you but this should not be to hard.

First Phase of Emperor – The Virtual Domain

The only difference in the first Emperor fight is that the respawns are terrible but it should not be to hard to beat him. Once you are in the virtual bit try to beat the first fight as sword because of the jetpack. To beat the left (the one with hammers) cube just keep jetpacking around slicing armor of till they are all dead and destroy the cube.

For the right (one with the spears) cube kill the swords and then use the same jetpacking strat for the armored spears. Don’t forget the free armor and transfor before fighting Spidertron 7000! For this keep jetpacking around killing and units on the way and slicing the legs of the spidertrons untill you can kill them. the fire wall is very ez so i wont explain that.

The Destroyer of Sanity (aka Phase 2 of the Emperor)

This will take while (as in 10-100 attempts). First Ignore the tiny bots around the Emperor, they only replenish armor. you will have to dodge his five attacks: Sword Swing, Hammer, Sword & Hammer, Fire Breath and Laser Sword. To dodge the Sword swing either get really close to his legs or jump over the first swing and let the other swing go over you (If you take out his legs you will have to jump over both swings). To dodge the hammer get really close or far from the Emperor. Just keep running around the Emperor to avoid Fire breath and Just run right to avoid the laser sword. You will want to take out both of his legs (there is a sweet spot in his knees that is not protected by armor). Once he is leg-less you can do A or B.

  • A: Take out his sword arm getting rid of both sword & hammer and then try to take out the head. 
  • B: Just go straight for the head. Once you Defeat the Emperor after a billion years enjoy your new skin and achievement! 

You “Complete” the chapter by staying in Insane mode and watch the end cutscene.

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