Heat Signature – How to Beat Every Single Difficult Assassination Mission

A quick tutorial for a strategy that makes difficult assassination missions easy, even with starting gear. This also makes certain related achievement rather trivial to obtain.

The Seven Step Guide

  • Step one: Find a ship (ideally one that’s rather easy to take). This could even be a ship you secured during another mission. 
  • Step two: Secure the ship.
  • Step three: Fly it to your base. 
  • Step four: Find a mission. The missions you get are randomized, so you may have to fly to another base. 
  • Step five: Fly the ship directly into the path the enemy ship is on, between it and the station. Be care not to over shoot, big ships have no brakes. 
  • Step six: Fire at their ship, and then fly into the ship. Be prepared to catch yourself. 
  • Step seven: Profit!

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