No Time – How to Find Erombur

This guide will show you how to find the great Erombur and give you instructions on how to defeat him to obtain his great riches!

Guide to Find Erombur

First Step: Find Erombur

In order to find Erombur, you must time travel to the 1590s and search around Sandy Cave. Near the entrance of Sandy Cave you will see very large foot prints of the mighty Erombur. Follow them, and you will be taken to the secret back entrance of Fort Dun. Unexpectedly, you will see Erombur’s great foot stuck in the tunnel leading up into the upper levels of Fort Dun.

Second Step: Chase Erombur

Erombur’s leg will quickly shimmy up the tunnel while you are required to follow his leg as it goes up. Once Erombur’s leg reaches the surface, his body is exposed but Erombur becomes trapped within the tower right above the tunnel exit. Erombur will quickly escape from the tower and jog to a strange open cave to hide from you. You may need to bring your time machine to get down to the cave safely. Upon entering the cave you will see billions of golden coins and treasures stacked up together. Going further in the cave you may get surprised by the great EROMBUR who is trying to shoo you away while hiding under a large stack of treasure and gold.

Third (Final) Step: Defeating Erombur

In order to defeat Erombur you will need to pick up some of his treasures and lure him towards you into the cave wall to stun and hurt him in the boss battle. You will need to repeat this 4 times until Erombur breaks down a rope hanging from a wall for you to climb up on. Once you have climbed all the way to the top of the rope and have stood on the platform the rope was dangling from, you will need to grab on to another rope and swing yourself to Erombur’s face to slap him and send him crashing to the ground. Now you can take his precious riches and return home!

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