GrandChase – How to Run the Game on Proton (Linux)

[Linux] How to Run The Game on Proton

In case you don’t know or haven’t checked up on protondb I’ve managed to run the game under proton, I’m figuring you know a bit about both linux and proton so I won’t bother with too much detail.

Quick Guide

Install protontricks and then use it to install the following dlls: dotnet40 mfc42 mfc140 vcrun6

On winecfg, after dlls instalation, add mailmime.dll to your library.

I belive you should be ready to run the game, if not, something must be missing, if that’s the case:

Run GrandChase.exe through a terminar using proton, the path for proton is: ” ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton X.Y/dist/bin/wine64 “, it should log just before a crash whatever is missing, usually if something is missing it’s a dll you don’t have installed, just run protontricks again and install whatever is missing.

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