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Please note: all credit goes to Aktive (St)Erbehilfe!

Since I got every single achievement in this game (and these achievements give you sweet sweet wings and titles), I wanted to give you a short guide on how to unlock them and what you get for doing that!

Achievement Guide

Avian Invaders

The hidden, but at the same time one of the easiest achievements. In the first area in front of the tower there are several purple gems all over the place. If you shoot all of them this grants you the achievement aswell as the “Bow of the Brood”.

Testing Initiative

This achievement requires you to play a game in a Beta branch. To get there you need to rightclick QuiVr in your game library. Then you go to “Properties”. In the “Properies”-menu you go to “BETAS” and select a beta of your liking. Your game will now update and you can play in the beta branch you selected. The same menu can be used to exit the beta branch after you got you achievement.

Tidy Up

For this achievement it is essential to have the “Scanvengers Mask” (Heals the gate for a small amount for every critical hit). Simply equip it and go for headshots. Helpful items are the “Emerald Studded Jerkin”, which auto-triggers a critical hit when activated, and the “Divine Wraps” which give you a small area in which every enemy killed heals the gate for a small amount aswell. Furthermore it is advisable to play in multiplayer, since good teammates can give you the time you need to accumulate enough healing points and can compensate for you reduced combat effectiveness when farming headshots only.


A simple farming achievement. Since patch 0.38.96 when rerolling an items stats, you have a 10% chance for it to become “Hallowed” and a 0.5% chance to be become “Primordial”. Use a green item (which are cheapest to reroll) and reroll it over and over until it becomes “Primordial” if you want to force it as fast as possible. It will happen anyways if you play long enough.


To become a real oppurtunist you need a “Diamond/Emerald/Ruby studded Mask”, since these give you area damage in a small radius. Make sure it does at least 20dmg or higher, otherwise it won´t kill small Grubs or Zephyrs. If you want to make your life easy, you get a “Diamond/Emerald/Ruby studded Chestplate” and the “Gloves of the Past”. What you do now is start the game, kill the first two enemys and wait for 5 Grubs to spawn. You throw your time-warping-orb ind the way of the Grubs, so that they pile up. then you just hit the most centered Grub in the head (or use your Chestplate) to activate a crit and therefore use the area damage. 5 Grubs with one arrow.

[The following is just my theory on how this could also be achieved]

I guess what you could do is kill a Pyre (the flying beast) with a critical hit and have his fireball kill 5 enemies at once. If this is correct it might be best to do it in higher waves when enemies are attacking the gate. In this scenario they are already weakened by the gate and piled up nicely. If you already have this achievement please either confirm this or tell us how to do it so i can include it in this guide.

Home Improvement

The exact same things from the “TIdy Up” achievements apply, it´s just a bit harder.

Rapid Fire

This achievement can be done without starting a game. Activating the “Hip Quiver” in the settings might also be useful. Now you try to get your string as close to your quiver as possible, without preventing you from drawing arrows. Then you just spam your trigger button to draw arrows while shaking your hand like you´ve got parkinson´s disease and hope for 8 arrows to be shot in one second. This gives you the wings called “Momentum”.

Hallowed Ground

Pretty much the same as the “Primorial” achievement. If you want to force it, (again) reroll green items until they are “Hallowed”. At the moment [Patch 0.41.0] “every slot” in the achievements description excludes bows, since the only two avaivable bows (Default bow and Bow of the Brood; Bow of Assessment is NOT obtainable in any way) do not have abilities that can be rerolled!

This grants you the achievement and the Title “[NAME] the Hallowed”.

Careful Aim

Pretty much the only thing you can do here is to train your muscles so you can hold your arm up longer. Easier to achieve in multiplayer since there are more enemies to hit. At the moments the only way to know if you hit your shots beyond 100m is the “Longest Shot” stat that you see if you look at the back of your bow hand, so make sure to not waste your efforts on 80-90m shots.

Critically Acclaimed

The easiest way is to get in the middle of the canyon during a game, so you are as close as possible to your enemies. Easier to get in higher waves, since bigger enemies have bigger heads and can often give you multiple headshots on only one enemy (Knights and Sentrys are best suited for this).

The “Vest of Displacement” can also prove helpful, since it can bring you right in the face of the enemy. Just make sure not to die in the process.

Helping Hands

Yet again the same game thing as in “Tidy Up” and “Home Improvement”, only even harder.

But you get the Title “Doctor [NAME]”, which is nice.

Eagle Eye

Even more muscle training. Even more practice. Just repeat everything in “Careful Aim”.


Pretty much everything from “Critically Acclaimed” applies here. Just dont try it with headshots only.

But a 100-Combo does not only give you the achievement, but also the wings called “Potential”.

Very nice.


Finally got it. Exactly the same as the two achievements before it. just incredibly hard to achieve. Grants you the title “Sniper [NAME]”.

Other Stuff

For All Achievements

For some achievements to be triggered it might be necassery to reach a certain difficulty first. This problem can be avoided if you dont start a game by shooting the big blue orb, but the small box to your far upper right when you enter the canyon. This lets you start with a pretty high difficulty (also works in multiplayer).

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