Fable II – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Fable II game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Invest all the money you get into real estate. I’ve found it to be a lot easier to get money that way instead of doing the jobs.
  • The evil path will net you way more cash than the good path.
  • There’s a trick; you can buy a bunch of property and then save and quit. Change your 360’s internal clock up one year (it only works one year at a time) then start your game again. You’ll get a year’s worth of interest as soon as you log in. And when you eventually get to 2055 or whatever the max year is, there’s no penalty for going back to the first year and starting over.
  • Ranged attacks still beat everything else. Kiting still wins.
  • There are two Point of No Return moments in the game, once around half way through and once for the end of the game. The half way point is rather obvious, while for the end just be careful doing the quest for the third hero.
  • The best way to make money is to just start buying property. Basically, you want to just buy any and every piece of property you can.
  • An alternate method to make money is to wait for sales on weapons in the first big town, buy everything, and go to Fairfax Gardens and sell them to the merchants there. Easy for a quick buck if you got the cash to get the process started.
  • Once you reach the town with the arena, find the guy who wants to invest in the town immediately. If you don’t give the guy some money to invest you’ll miss out on a lot of properties to buy and you get more money back from it after the next story segment or two.
  • Also potions are the best way to get experience. As the game progresses the alchemy shop in the first big town gets better potions. Buy ’em, sleep a few days away/travel to other alchemy shops, buy more potions, repeat.
  • You can increase the rent of houses without adjusting the rent rates by buying better furniture and furnishing houses with them. It’ll improve its value of the property and since rent is based on the house value, your income!
  • If you don’t want to build up corruption/speed the whole process up, unplug the Internet, set your system clock a day in advance, go back in the game, make bundle of cash, buy more properties, save+quit, set day ahead, repeat. When done reset system clock to the present with no ill effects!
  • Be sure to visit the book store in Bowerstone often. You can get a lot of the expression books and dog training books pretty early on.
  • You probably won’t get it very early on, but I think the level 4 brutal styles unlocks a counter attack which you can insta kill a lot of people with if you learn how to do it.
  • It would be a good idea to copy your save save to a backup profile every once in a while. The saves can sometimes get corrupted, and since you have only one slot per hero if something game breaking happens you’ll be forced to start over if you don’t do this.

Making Money

There’s a very easy way to make a shitload of gold extremely early in the game.

During the childhood beginnings of the game, make sure you help rid the warehouse of roaches (allows you to purchase said warehouse later on in the game) and help the guard collect the wanted posters (which affects how Old Bowerstone will look/feel after your childhood).

The first time you reach Old Bowerstone as an adult, the townsfolk will remember the good deeds you performed as a child. Even better, the merchants will offer a 50% discount on all items in Old Bowerstone.

There is a weapon vendor near the steps leading down to the cemetery (where the alcoholic was when you were a child). Purchase his entire stock, go to Bowerstone Market (or, even better, check your Sales tab and look for weapon vendor shortages) and resell everything for 100% profit. Sleep 24 hours so the vendor restocks, and repeat. The 50% discount in Old Bowerstone persists until, I think, you proceed to the Crucible or Spire.

Sure beats banging out swords or pouring beers for hours at a time.

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