Final Fantasy – How To Get Started

A little bit of spoiler-free help to get started in the game.

Starters Guide

Make a Party

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy before, stick with a couple melee users (Fighter, Thief, Monk), and a couple magic users (Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage).

Kill Some Enemies

You start with basic weapons and very little health. Kill some enemies in this forest here to get a level up or two.

Rest in the Inn

To get your health back nice and easy, duck into town and stay in the inn for 30 gold.

Buy Weapons and Armor

Get yourself some weapon and armor upgrades. You’ll see a little green arrow when something is an upgrade.

Buy Spells

Buy yourself some spells for your magic users from the magic spell shops in town.

Did Someone Die?

If a party member dies, all the sleeping at the inns in the world won’t bring them back. Head to the priest fellow in town to bring them back.

Buy a Tent

Buy a tent or two for restoring when you’re far away from an inn.

Go Have Fun

Go ahead and go do story stuff. Save every once in a while.

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