Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – How to Defeat the Emperor (Insane Difficulty)

Spoiler: You stab him in the head and he dies.

Defeating the Emperor Guide

Step 1

You die.


Get reborn as a level 1 spear bot and watch your ally walk in a straight line towards the hammer shock wave.

Make Him a Cripple

Aim for the armor-less knees and stop him from being an adventurer.

Then stab his friends so he cant get a wheelchair.

Die Anyways

You Are Winner

Wait until he attacks and then run at his head and spam mouse 1.

If you need help not dying.

His attacks and how to dodge them:

  • A hammer attack that you can avoid by moving to the side.
  • A sword laser that you can avoid by dodging or jumping to the side.
  • A sword that he swings twice in close range (You can jump over the first sword swing and stand under the second when he has legs, but you can jump over both if he doesn’t.).
  • A fire breath (idk just dont touch fire).
  • An armor bot build (The armor bots give him armor even when they are not fully built.).
  • A shock wave that launches you really far and has a really large range (Move very close to him or far from him to avoid the sword and hammer strike. He almost always does a hammer and then sword laser after the shock wave launches you).
  • A jump attack that he wont do very often because 90% of the fight he wont have legs anymore.


  • His attacks can damage and kill his own armor bots.
  • His arms are skinny and move a lot so poke him in the neck instead.
  • He can still move very slowly when legless for some reason.
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