GrandChase – Common Startup Problems

Please note: all credit goes to Lazy Palabok!

How to Successfully Log in to the Game


So, you want to play this game so bad. Don’t worry, I got you covered. (Well, not really.)

To be honest, I’ve been making this guide whilst attempting to log on to the game after numerous tries.

Error Message #1

“What the f*ck?”

So how do you get past this?

You don’t.

Just open the game again for the nth time. Who knows? Maybe it’s a different error message next 😉

This usually shows up when the loading screen closes in the blink of an eye or immediately after you open the launcher.

Error Message #2

“Oh, you got in on server selection? SIKE!”

Now this one is the betrayal message where you thought you were nearly done or supposed to be done with a quest, but yep, you got disconnected even though your internet connection’s fine.

Error Message #3

This one’s a more elaborate version of Error Message #1 as it states that the pop-out window is indeed an error.

This usually shows when the loading screen managed to last for more than 10 seconds of loading.

Error Message #4

Just right after you select your character and you thought you’re finally really in the game to enjoy. This surprise message shows up to tell you that you just didn’t cut it. Try again after 999999 tries.

Error Message #5

This is a wombo combo of Error Messages #2 and #4.

Well, it’s pretty self explanatory. The game is unstable and you really have to try and be patient with it if you want to play it.

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