Critter Crunch – 100% Achievement Guide and Complete Walkthrough

How to Obtain All Achievements

Puzzle Me This!

  • You’ll get this achievement after you’ve completed level 3 in Adventure mode. Unlock Puzzle mode.

Feats of Constipation

  • You’ll get this achievement after you’ve completed level 6 in Adventure mode. Unlock Challenge mode.

Feeding Frenzy

  • You’ll get this achievement after you’ve completed level 42 in Adventure mode. Unlock Survival mode.

Crunchicidal Maniac

  • Line up 15 critters of the same color and pop them all. You’ll eventually get this achievement without really going for it in Adventure mode. Pop a chain that is 15 critters long.

Circle of Life

  • In the tutorial, it shows you how to get a food chain. Fly > Medium Critter > Big Critter = a food chain. When you do a food chain, the word will show up. Do that 10 times in a level and the achievement is yours. Complete 10 Food Chains in a single level.

Beverage and Fries

  • The way to make combos is by stacking items in advance. When you do a combo, the word will show up.Complete 6 Combos in a single level.

Smirk Wiper

  • Go into multiplayer, find an opponent, and beat them. Win an online Versus match.

Veteran Food Eater

  • There will be few, to not say none, playing online, but if you can’t find an opponent, you can boost it with a friend or ask for help for someone here. The match can finish faster with the opponent hitting the scroll button from the mouse to the rows come down. It takes about 15 wins to each to level 5. Reach experience level 5 in online Versus mode.

Smart Mouth

  • You can get this achievement in the level 10 of Puzzle mode. Complete a puzzle level with moves remaining.

Wilhelm von Puzzleworth

  • Complete any 25 puzzles. If you need help solving the puzzles, there are a lot of videos around there to help.

Last Man Digesting

  • You’ll unlock Survival mode as you complete levels in Adventure mode. This mode is timed, so you’ll have to move quick to get to level 9. You may get to level 9 pretty quickly once you know what to do as you play this game. Survive to level 9 in Survival mode

World’s Greatest Dad!

  • In the tutorials, they’ll show you what to do in order to bring Smalls out to feed him. Make sure that you fill him completely (until he burps), to get a completion. You’ll also have to beat the level to get the gray icon of Smalls to be in color. As you go further on in the levels, they will be a little tough to complete and feed Smalls at the same time. Be quick with your movements and try to feed him right when he appears, you can do that throughout the level (as long as you keep bringing him out to be fed). Complete 35 Adventure levels while also feeding Smalls to completion

King of the Jungle

  • Just like it says, complete them both. There are 100 levels in Puzzle mode, 45 Adventure levels and its puzzles that you must complete. If you need help solving the puzzles, there are a lot of videos around there to help. Complete both Adventure mode and Puzzle mode

Challenge Taker

  • There are some challenges in Adventure mode that will count if you complete them, in Challenge mode. If you completed them in there, then they don’t need to be redone in Challenge mode. There are 55 challenges that need to be completed. If you need help solving the challenges, there are a lot of videos around there to help. Complete Challenge mode
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