Vectorio – Power / Heat Management

How can you manage your heat without using too much power? This guide can help.

Heat, and How to Reduce It

First, what is heat in this game?

Depending on the amount of heat you have, enemies will get harder and harder. You can gain heat through placing pretty much anything, from turrets to resource collectors.

How can i reduce it?

When playing, you will eventually unlock area coolers and area freezers. Area coolers reduce heat by 25, cost 16k gold, and 65 power. Area freezers, on the other hand, reduce heat by 150, cost 100k gold, and 300 power. at first, this sounds terrible, but here’s why it’s not.

Why power do they use?

Until you unlock turbines and fusion reactors, you will have a limited supply of 5k power. However, both power sources of power will cause heat. Turbines will cause you to gain 40 heat, while fusion reactors will cause you to gain 2.5k heat. due to amount of cost when using area freezers to lose the generated heat, fusion reactors are superior

The math

  • A fusion reactor takes up 2.5k heat, equal to 17 area freezers.
  • A turbine takes up 40 heat, equal to 1 area freezer.
  • A fusion reactor generates 25k power.
  • A turbine generates 500 power.

So, that means that using a fusion reactor with 17 are freezers would spend 5.1k of the fusion reactor power.

However, using a turbine with a area freezer would use 300 of the turbine power.

The math, but with area coolers

A fusion reactor takes up 2.5k heat, equal to 100 area coolers. Aturbine takes up 40 heat, equal to 2 area coolers. So, that means that using a fusion reactor with 100 area coolers would spend 6.5k of the fusion reactor power. 

However, using a turbine with 2 area coolers would spend 130 of the generated power.

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