The Chameleon – 100% Stealth and Energy Walkthrough

A video guide to The Chameleon without kills, alerts and all energy.

Gameplay Basics

Helpful things to know that might not be obvious at first:

  • Crouching is way more effective at lowering guard’s ability to see you than you would think.
  • If you die the world doesn’t reset. If you really, really need to you can simply die over and over as you slowly kill the 120+ guards in the game. I obviously don’t recommend this, however, due to how tedious it is. Be careful if you attempt this: do not bring guards to a spawn location, it is possible for them to “camp” you.
  • You are completely silent when disguised. You can run and knock over traffic cones as much as you want while disguised.
  • Picking up energy instantly gives you a surplus of energy to use.
  • While grabbing a powerup you become invisible and gain energy.
  • You can’t run forever: energy won’t refill as long as you’re sprinting out of an empty meter.
  • Guards, once alerted, won’t stop chasing until they kill you or you dash away very quickly. They can, however, get stuck on objects. Neither of these are very viable.
    A cautious guard, however, will eventually go back to his patrol once he’s been allowed to investigate a disturbance, assuming he isn’t blocked from doing so.

Video Walkthrough

Avoiding detection from the first guard is possible but inconsistent. Beyond that getting no suspicions is possible but I’m theorizing not if you’re grabbing the energy behind the brick wall at 19:20.

Lastly, if you have any intention of doing a stealth run don’t grab the final depicted power up at 29:00. It’s a load of fun and practically mandatory on a normal playthrough, speedrun or kill all run (there are about 120 or so guards) since it grants infinite energy and invincibility, but it removes any ability to disguise whatsoever.

Energy Map

I threw this together in MsPaint in less than 30 minutes.

  • Pink Circles = Energy Container.

The three energy in the off limits vault are accessed by punching the code (4815, as found in the other off limits area in the East Warehouse) into the computer and backtracking.

The last two are located in the lunar area.

One is in the bathroom.

The other is in the informatics division in the first opening on the left.

End Results and Final Notations

Hopefully this guide helped you get a perfect run. Don’t be afraid to use this for speedruns, kill all runs or simple completion.

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